’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’: Usman’s Mom Gives Her Blessing (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episode 12 “Isn’t She Lovely.”]

The new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? brings some truly unpredictable moments and raises even more questions than ever. Let’s catch up with each of our couples for a midseason vibe check.

Kimberly and Usman

Usman finally meets the young woman his mother Fadimatu wants him to marry before Kimberly so that she can have grandchildren. Fareedet is 18, the daughter of Fadimatu’s friend Jumai, and unexpectedly pretty.

The mothers ask Allah to make this meeting successful, and they leave Usman and Fareedet alone after Fadimatu explains to Jumai that Fareedet will allow another wife once they get married and start procreating. “I’m afraid if he marries this woman first, he won’t come back home,” Fadimatu says of Kimberly. “A younger girl is better.”

Once alone, Usman asks Fareedet how many kids she wants; her answer is four, which is close to his desired range. He wants to know if she knew his Sojaboy music and liked it, and she says she liked him after seeing him on social media.

Usman brings up Kimberly and wants to know if Fareedet would be okay with him marrying Kimberly first. “Surely no,” she smiles.

Fareedet reminds Usman that his mother doesn’t want him to marry Kimberly first, and he says he’ll sort it out with time. He compliments Fareedet on her beauty and asks for her phone number so they can “talk freely.”

Back at the hotel, Kimberly is pissed to see that Usman wasn’t wearing his engagement ring. He explains in an interview that it’s not part of his culture, but he also didn’t want any drama. She hopes that his mom will respect her more because she let him meet Fareedet.

The next day, Usman’s eldest brother Mohammed calls him and Kimberly for a surprise meeting with Fadimatu, and they shockingly present the couple with a contract agreement for their marriage. Kimberly must agree that she has no rights to Usman’s property unless it’s agreed upon, and if they move to the United States, Usman must be able to visit Nigeria quarterly.

“Please put smiles on our faces and give your blessing,” Usman asks Fadimatu. “Yes, you have my consent,” Fadimatu says, with a hint of a smile.

“I have given up for now,” she tells the cameras. “Since she has pleaded several times, I see that she has a good attitude.” But she still wants grandchildren ASAP.

Jovi and Yara


The couple, still in Prague, meet Jovi’s friend T for drinks. T (short for Thomas) used to be Jovi’s traveling wingman in Europe and now lives in Germany. Jovi and T reminisce on their drinking and strip clubbing days, including some exploits with girls in Ukraine. Jovi credits T with the idea to go to Ukraine in the first place and tells his wife they probably wouldn’t have met without his friend.

“It’s super nice to hear that Jovi was dating some other Ukrainian girls before,” she says in a later sit-down. “He never told me about that.”

Yara wants to go to Germany to visit her best friend, who has just escaped from the war in Ukraine. Jovi wants to bring T along, but Yara says there won’t be any strip clubs on this trip. “It makes me feel upset the way he’s treating this trip,” she admits to the producers.

Bilal and Shaeeda

Shaeeda has dreamed of visiting New York City her entire life, and when Bilal takes her there for the first time, they enjoy a romantic afternoon twirling around Times Square. She wants to get knocked up on this trip, but Bilal hopes that some tender time together will show her that “couples goals” will have to be put off to the side if they rush to have a baby.

Her best friend Eutris, who lives in London, has also flown in to meet up with them for dinner. Shaeeda worries that Eutris and Bilal may not get along because they’re both strong Alpha personalities.

At dinner, Shaeeda’s fears immediately prove to be founded. Eutris points out right away how tense Bilal is when she needles him with questions about their marriage. “I’m very tense? Trust me, you have not seen tense from me at all,” he says, glaring at her.

“We’re only 10 minutes in, and he’s making me feel uncomfortable,” Eutris tells the cameras. “I don’t know what I’ve done.”

Eutris presses Bilal, asking if he has anything to hide. He calls her nosey, and Eutris thinks he’s being very defensive. “Bilal seems entitled and I don’t get that,” she adds in her interview. “It’s not as if you’ve given her your last kidney.”

Angela and Michael


Michael finally deletes his Instagram, which instantly softens his argument with Angela. But she still goes through his phone and calls his friend Angelle to ask why her number is in her husband’s phone. “I’m his friend,” Angelle says.

“No, he’s not,” Angela shouts. “Find your own friend!” Angelle hangs up.

Michael says he hasn’t been cheating on Angela, and she begs him to stop lying to her and think about the consequences of his actions with other women. “If it upsets your wife, don’t do it!” she advises, then invites him back to her hotel. They each say, “I love you” as they walk hand-in-hand out of the restaurant.

“I understand with my wife, I have to pick my battle, but I want my voice to be heard,” Michael says in a solo interview. “I need to do something to put my foot down. If I don’t stand up now, Angela is gonna control everything, even when I get to the States. It’s gonna be hell.”

Jenny and Sumit

Jenny is thrilled that, after two years apart, her daughter Christina and her wife Jen will be visiting her in India the next day. Unfortunately, last night Jenny fell off of a chair and tore a muscle or ligament in her shoulder. A doctor places tiny needles in Jenny as a squeamish Sumit writhes in imaginary pain.

“This is why you can’t work seven days a week,” Jenny tells him. “Accidents happen and you need to be available.”

When Christina and Jen arrive, Jenny can’t stop hugging them. Sumit has cooked dinner for them, and Christina is excited to have her first beer with “Pops,” her cheeky nickname for Sumit, who is close to her age.

Sumit tells them that there has been tension with his parents but doesn’t mention that he’s been disowned and that they won’t even see him. Christina wants Sumit to stand up for her mom so that his parents will accept her, which Jenny sees as an impossibility.

“What I want for Mom is for her to be comfortable, happy and welcome anywhere she is and have the 100 percent of you, that’s all,” Christina says to Sumit, who expresses to producers that she doesn’t understand and should just stay out of it.

Elizabeth and Andrei


Libby and Andrei are still visiting Arizona with their fathers and spend the day on a smiley alpaca farm. It’s been a full day since Libby announced her second pregnancy on social media, and she hasn’t heard from anyone else in her family about it.

Her father Chuck is disappointed that the family isn’t here to share in the news, and he proposes that they all go to family counseling when they get back to Tampa. Libby says she’s willing to give it a shot and work towards reconciling before the baby arrives, but if they fight, she will be done with it.

That night, Libby and Andrei roast marshmallows and her family at the same time. With his green card in jeopardy, Andrei thinks that they have enough to worry about and should just give up on trying to make those relationships better. “They’re just haters,” Andrei says. “I cannot care about these people.”

Next Time

Kimberly and Usman have a video meeting with a lawyer, who informs them that he would lose his green card if authorities found out that he had multiple wives. Kimberly worries that Usman won’t marry her if he can’t have a second wife. Eutris thinks Shaeeda could simply forget to take her birth control pills: “Problem solved!”

Meanwhile, Big Ed and Liz have dinner at his sister’s house. His sister asks Liz if she has any concerns in meeting the larger group, and Liz bursts into tears. Angela and Michael look like they’re getting therapy, and Michael asks if she’s falling in love with her TikTok duet partner. And Libby’s sisters are screaming at her and Andrei for not telling them about her pregnancy.

Cool cool, that all sounds very chill!

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