’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’: Big Ed & Liz’s Engagement Party Redo (RECAP)

Big Ed, Liz and family on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episode 14 “Stand by Me.”]

Whether or not there was any drama over your Thanksgiving, you can bet there was some in this week’s 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?.

Here’s where it left the couples.

Big Ed and Liz

The couple’s first engagement party in San Diego ended in a brawl and a ring being tossed in a bush. They’re about to attend their second engagement party, with this one held in a castle-like building in his Arkansas hometown. Liz asks Big Ed not to leave her alone, since it’s all his family and friends and she only knows his sister Christine and her husband. She’s worried that someone will be able to talk him about of their relationship. After assuring her that he’d stay with her the whole time, Big Ed leaves Liz alone as soon as they get there.

“Typical Ed,” she fumes in an interview. “He told me he wouldn’t leave my side. The second we walk in the door, boom! He’s gone.”

Christine says in her own interview that their mother felt forced out of Big Ed’s house because of this relationship, though that isn’t what her brother intended to do. Mom needs time to be accepting of it, even though she thinks Liz is a “great girl.”

After the party, Liz is relieved that it went well enough. “Overall, it was great,” she told producers of the engagement party redo. “It didn’t end in disaster, but we have a lot to work out… If we had that kind of support from his mother or his daughter, it would be way easier.”

Jenny and Sumit

Christine, Jen, Sumit and Jenny on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


Jenny’s daughter Christina and her wife Jen join the couple for a Bollywood dance class, which they all seem to enjoy. Sumit doesn’t feel like he needs lessons since he’s Indian but quickly finds that he’s a bit rusty and doesn’t feel as young as he used to. He thinks Jenny is pretty good, but she needs to move her shoulders more than shaking her ass.

After class, Sumit mentions that he’s going to meet with his parents, and Christina suggests that they all go together. She says that they’re not here to disrespect them or the culture, but she wants to make sure that Jenny isn’t being disrespected. Sumit needs to think about it. He doesn’t want to be in a situation where he’ll have to defend his parents with the Americans.

The next day, Jenny secretly video chats with an Indian immigration lawyer to see what she would need to do to bring Sumit to America. The lawyer asks if she’s a spinster, and Jenny doesn’t know what that is. He explains that Sumit will need a police clearance certificate to leave, and he may not be able to get that if someone has registered a complaint about the marriage, which his parents could have done.

“Maybe the thought of taking Sumit away from his family to America may make them rethink how they treat us,” Jenny says in a solo sit-down. “But if it backfires, getting the visa process started and moving back to America may be our best shot at happiness.”

Elizabeth and Andrei

On the ride home, Libby and Andrei recap how poorly their meeting with her sisters went, though he really doesn’t care that it was a mess. Libby now wishes that she would have told Becky and Jenn that she was pregnant before announcing the news on social media. Andrei thinks that their plans to have a family counseling session is a waste.

“Andrei can be a little harsh at times, which definitely isn’t helping,” she says in an interview.

They go shopping for baby clothes for a positive distraction, but Andrei has his potential deportation on his mind. It’s been two months since his interview with immigration authorities, and they haven’t heard anything. He says that if he has to go back to Moldova, “you’re gonna have to come with me.”

The problem is that Libby wants to give birth in America. “I don’t wanna deliver alone, but I don’t wanna have the baby in another country,” she says. “I’m gonna cry! You can’t not be here for the baby’s birth.”

Kimberly and Usman

Jamal and Kimberly on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


Back in San Diego with her son Jamal, Kimberly shares that her mother sadly passed away a few weeks after she got back from Nigeria. After looking after her mom for the past eight years, she wonders who she’s going to take care of now, and Jamal jokes that she can take care of Usman since he and Jamal are close in age. Kimberly says that Usman can take care of himself but admits in an interview that she wants Usman to move to California more than ever.

Knowing that her mom would want her to take care of herself better, Kimberly has stopped smoking and is starting to walk and exercise more. After her walk, Kimberly video chats with Usman, who informs her that he’s thinking of adopting his eldest brother’s youngest son, which would get around the need to have a second wife. Blindsided and shocked, she asks who is going to raise him.

“I’m asking, do you wanna raise him?” Usman replies, but Kimberly can’t even process what is happening.

Later, Jamal and Kimberly go to an East African restaurant and she shares Usman’s latest idea, which Jamal finds equally shocking. He admits that he’s still just trying to accept the fact that Usman is a part of their lives. Kimberly thinks that Jamal should come with her to Nigeria to finally meet Usman, and he agrees. “It’ll be interesting — my first time leaving is to meet your Nigerian superstar rapper person!”

Angela and Michael

Michael and Angela on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


Michael shows Angela that he knows how to swim now, and they cuddle up in the pool. Angela has never felt so sexy in her new body as she does in this moment. “I’m super thankful that I didn’t divorce you,” she coos.

Michael reveals in an interview that he’s stepping up his romantic game so that she won’t think about going to visit her TikTok duet friend Billy in Canada. Billy is really sick with kidney disease and Angela has promised that she will come and help him out for a little while, but Michael thinks they’re trying to hook up. Michael surprises Angela with champagne and heart jewelry and asks her not to go to Canada.

Angela doesn’t want to have to choose between her husband and a sick friend. She decides to FaceTime Billy with Michael so that Michael will realize there isn’t any funny business. Michael asks Billy if he has a crush on Angela. Billy stutters and takes off his glasses.

“I adore your wife, I think she’s a fantastic lady,” he answers. “She has a beautiful heart, but I do not have a crush on your wife.”

Angela intends to still go to Canada and says Michael can leave her if he doesn’t like it. When Billy calls Angela “Angel,” Michael explodes with expletives, leaves the room and slams the hotel room door.

Jovi and Yara

The family arrives in Garmisch, Germany, where Yara’s friend Karina has escaped the war in Ukraine. A rocket went through Karina’s building at home just two days after she left, and she’s lucky to be alive. Karina dropped Yara off at the airport when she moved to the United States, and the friends thought they’d see each other in a few months. Now, more than two years later, they’re relieved to reunite.

Over breakfast, Karina and Yara’s mom both encourage her to stay in Europe a while longer since Jovi is about to go to work for a month away from home anyway. Jovi is still annoyed that he doesn’t understand them when they’re not speaking English and demands to be clued in. He still insists that Yara should go home with him.

In a solo interview, Yara shares that Jovi’s attempts to be so controlling just makes her want to stay even more: “He doesn’t want me to come because he knows I have a support system here and he knows I can take care of myself without him.”

Next Time

Shaeeda asks Bilal point blank when he’s going to give her an answer about having a baby, and he takes it as an ultimatum. Jamal meets Usman and shares that he’s seen his mother be screwed over by so many men and he’s going to really pay attention. “I feel like you don’t like me,” Usman observes.

Jovi hatches a new plan to get Yara to return to the States with him: “What if you came home and we had a baby?”

Michael packs to leave. “You put Billy over your marriage,” he accuses Angela. “I guess we are done!”

Liz fights back tears as she tells Big Ed, “My whole mindset changed, the way that I see us.”

Sumit’s father explains to Sumit, Jenny and her daughter that society doesn’t accept the couple’s relationship. Jenny reacts: “If I’m never gonna be accepted, then I think it’s better that we just go ahead and live in America.”

Oh boy, we’re in for it in the next episode. Sunday can’t come soon enough!

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