‘East New York’ Sneak Peek: Haywood & Suarez Face Off After He Tries to Help Her (VIDEO)

Chief John Suarez (Jimmy Smits) thought Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood (Amanda Warren) might need his help, but as TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the November 20 episode of East New York shows, he may have made things worse — for her.

In “CompStat Interruptus,” Suarez speaks up during CompStat, and after, he goes to see her in her office. “Now is not the best time for us to talk about it,” she tells him. That doesn’t matter. “Well, whether it is or it is not, Inspector, now is the time we’re going to talk about it,” he says, closing the doors.

“You knew I was prepared,” Haywood tells him. Yes, Suarez agrees, but “you were prepared for legitimate questions. You weren’t prepared for Donaldson trying to make some kind of audition tape for the mayor.” As he explains, Chief Warren Donaldson (Danny Mastrogiorgio) wants to be chief. “He wants to be looked at as old school and tough and paint me to be some kind of woke, diversity hire,” Suarez says. “He sees me as his rival. He goes after you hoping that I’m going to jump in, then he got both of us.”

Watch the clip above for more, including Haywood explaining just how Suarez messed up.

In “CompStat Interruptus,” when four party-goers fatally overdose, the 7-4’s investigation is impeded by an ongoing DEA operation, and Haywood turns to Suarez for help. Also, Captain Stan Yenko (Richard Kind) deals with tension at home, and Officer Marvin Sandeford (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) prepares for a date with his ex, Tamika (guest star Luna Lauren Velez).

East New York was one of the three CBS freshman dramas (along with Fire Country and So Help Me Todd) picked up for a full season in October.

East New York, Sunday, November 20, 9:30/8:30c, CBS