‘Titans’ Cast on Moving to Metropolis, Meeting Lex Luthor & More (VIDEO)

Titans heads to Metropolis in Season 4, and for executive producer Greg Walker, when it came to that decision, it was simple: “We said, where do we want to go next? We were in an RV, and we were heading to San Francisco. We had to go someplace. It was Vegas or Metropolis.”

Walker and series stars Ryan Potter (Gar Logan/Beast Boy), Brenton Thwaites (Richard “Dick” Grayson/Robin/Nightwing), and Joshua Orpin (Conner Kent/Super Boy) and executive producer Greg Walker sat down with Damian Holbrook in TV Insider and TV Guide Magazine’s studio at New York Comic Con 2022 to tease what’s ahead — other than that supernatural cult with powers they’ll be facing — with the HBO Max series returning on November 3.

Conner will be meeting one of his two dads in Season 4, “and it may not be the one that you think,” Orpin says of what’s the “driving force” for his character this season. “Lex Luthor [played by Titus Welliver] makes an appearance. … The subject of Connor meeting him in person for the first time is one that’s approached with great trepidation by the Titans. But also it’s the burning curiosity inside Conner that’s compelling him to go.”

But that’s a concern for team leader Dick, who is not finding the “management role … so easy.” While Lex may be a super-villain (“one that could have great influence on Superboy in the wrong direction”), Dick, according to Thwaites, thinks everyone deserves to know their parents, having lost his at a young age.

Meanwhile, things might not be so great for Gar this season. But that may not necessarily be a bad thing? “It serves his higher self at the end of the day and it’s a really fun storyline where Gar gets to contribute in a metaphysical sense,” Potter teases. “His internal growth will help resolve some major conflicts throughout the season.”

Watch the full interview above for more from the cast and executive producer about Titans Season 4, what’s coming up for the characters, and those supersuits. Who’s jealous of whose? Who’s getting a “major costume upgrade”? Plus, why do you need to be ready for the premiere?

Titans, Season 4 Premiere, Thursday, November 3, HBO Max