The Women of ‘Manifest’ Talk Season 4 Love Triangles and Saying Goodbye (VIDEO)

Fans can expect many exciting story threads to be picked up again with the Season 4 return of Manifest, which was canceled by NBC in June 2021 but rescued by Netflix two months later.

One big part of the new season will inevitably be the continuing love triangle between Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh), her husband Zeke (Matt Long) and her former lover Jared (J. R. Ramirez). Where do things stand when we resume the action, with two years having passed in the world of the show?

“The last thing we saw of Michaela was Jared telling her that he thought Zeke could be dead,” Roxburgh (with co-stars Holly Taylor, Parveen Kaur, and Luna Blaise by her side) recounts to our Jim Halterman during their stop at our New York Comic Con press room. “Oops, that did not happen — so then, two-and-a-half years later, Ben (Josh Dallas) is kind of a wreck, and so Michaela’s kind of been tasked with taking his position and taking care of [everyone] and rallying [them] and organizing everything. And so she kind of takes over Ben’s role, so to speak, at least for a little bit.” While Roxburgh couldn’t say too much about where the love triangle picks up, Jared is still very much a part of her world, as is Zeke. Hmmm…

Also unable to say much was Taylor, whose Angelina was last seen having killed Ben’s wife Grace, and kidnapping their infant daughter, Eden. But does Taylor see her character as a villain or is she more misunderstood? “I would love to say she’s misunderstood and everyone needs to feel pity for her,” she says, smiling. “I would love that narrative. I just don’t think I can make that work. She’s done too many horrible, gruesome things.”

And while the drama’s fourth season is just starting on Netflix, at the time of this interview, many of the cast had wrapped shooting, while others, like Roxburgh, only had a short time left before saying goodbye to the world of Manifest. “What I keep saying is it’s so crazy that this is the last season of our show,” she says. “We are ending this five-year journey, but at the same time, it’s literally the beginning of a completely new journey for our show.”

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