How ‘Manifest’s Move to Netflix Gave the Show ‘A Ton of Freedom’ (VIDEO)

It’s been over a year since Manifest was saved by Netflix after being canceled by NBC after three seasons. And of course, with the move to streaming, viewers may expect some changes for the sci-fi mystery drama — but what exactly are those changes?

Fans have nothing to worry about in the storyline department. Our favorite group of survivors from Montego Flight 828 are back to figure out what happened when they disappeared with the plane for five years, only to return with no time having passed (for them anyway). And there will be more of those creepy, weird things like voices and messages seemingly pointing to a conspiracy of evil machinations. Still, will Manifest feel like the same show when it returns for 20 episodes (10 beginning November 4 and the final 10 presumably in 2023) on the streaming platform?

“My eye has always been on the same North Star,” says series creator Jeff Rake told TV Insider in our New York Comic Con studio earlier this month. “We’ve always had one plan. It was always the same story. And the great luxury of being brought back by Netflix is that they gave us a ton of freedom.”

In the above interview, in addition to Rake talking about his creative vision for the continuation of the series, you’ll see cast members Josh Dallas (Ben), J.R. Ramirez (Jared), Ty Doran (Cal), Matt Long (Zeke) and Daryl Edwards (Vance) catching us up on where we find their characters two years after we last saw them in the Season 3 finale.

And, of course, we asked Ramirez to give us the lowdown on the love triangle between his character, Zeke, and Zeke’s wife, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh). Watch the interview above for more!

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