‘Acapulco’ Sneak Peek: Máximo & Hugo Welcome Joe to the Mix (VIDEO)

Season 2 of Apple TV+‘s charming bilingual comedy Acapulco is nearly here and we have an exclusive first look at one of the newest stars joining the mix.

In the sneak peek clip, above, present-day Máximo (Eugenio Derbez) continues his journey to attend Don Pablo’s (Damián Alcázar) memorial service in the titular city. For this leg of his journey with nephew Hugo (Raphael Alejandro) though, they have a companion in Máximo’s driver and bodyguard, Joe (Will Sasso).

As they board a private plane in the scene, above, Máximo takes a seat beside Hugo and Joe hands over an itinerary. “So, I’ve got a great trip planned for us, Hugo,” Máximo assures his nephew. “Don Pablo’s memorial service is tomorrow, but today after we land in Acapulco, I’m gonna show you some of the most special places in the city to me.”

Will Sasso as Joe in 'Acapulco' Season 2

(Credit: Apple TV+)

When Máximo opens the itinerary to outline the places they’ll be stopping, he pauses and addresses Joe. “Why is this place on here?” Máximo questions, frustrated. “Oh, yeah, in case you wanted to stop by,” Joe acknowledges.

“I thought I told you I did not want to stop by,” Máximo counters. But Joe is ready with another response, saying, “you did, but you might change your mind.” The vague disagreement sparks Hugo’s interest as he tries to learn more about the reasoning behind Máximo’s refusal to visit a specific place in the itinerary, introducing a new mystery.

As the adults bicker back and forth over the issue, Hugo continues to convey curiosity, but Máximo won’t give in. Instead, the uncle changes the subject and prepares to continue telling Hugo about his life story. And this is just a taste of what fans can expect from the new present-day dynamic between Máximo, Hugo, and Joe.

“We were just looking for another funny foil for Máximo, and we liked the idea of a driver slash bodyguard who’s been with him a long time,” co-creator Austin Winsberg tells TV Insider. “In a way, they’re kind of like an old married couple.” If the exchange above, is any indication, Winsberg’s words certainly ring true.

“Will Saso has a great kind of unimpressed energy that goes along with all the grandiose storytelling that Máximo is doing,” Winsberg continues. “And it just felt like that was a funny dynamic to play against each other all season. But the main thing in the older Máximo storyline is he’s bringing Hugo back to Acapulco, he’s bringing Hugo back to his roots.”

See the full clip, above, and don’t miss the fun dynamic when Acapulco returns to Apple TV+.

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