‘Acapulco’ Co-Creator Previews How Season 2 Shakes Up Máximo & Julia’s Dynamic

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Apple TV+ is getting ready to transport back in time for the latest chapter of Máximo Gallardo’s (Enrique Arrizon) story in the charming second season of Acapulco, beginning Friday, October 21.

Set in two timelines, an older Máximo (Eugenio Derbez) shares his coming-of-age story with his nephew Hugo (Rafael Alejandro) and the scenes play out in the 1985-set timeline where a young Máximo is stepping up his game at the titular town’s resort Las Colinas. “We pick up right where we left off,” teases co-creator Austin Winsberg (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist). “We ended on New Year’s Eve and we start on New Year’s Day.”

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As Winsberg reminds viewers, “there was a lot of stuff bubbling to the surface at the end of Season 1.” That includes Chad (Chord Overstreet) and Julia’s (Camila Perez) engagement as well as Máximo’s fight with resort manager Don Pablo (Damián Alcázar). “In Episode 1, Máximo is doing his best to start the new year off right, but there’s a lot that’s weighing him down,” Winsberg continues.

“He gets into work and he’s trying to avoid all of his issues while at the same time trying to get Memo [Fernando Carsa] a job at the pool. And by the end of the first episode he realizes that you can’t avoid things, you kind of have to face them head-on,” the co-creator adds. Much of Season 2 will focus on Don Pablo “trying to help Máximo get closer to Diane [Jessica Collins],” the owner of Las Colinas who could make or break Máximo’s up-and-coming career at the resort.

With all of this work, will Máximo have time to fret over Julia’s engagement to Chad? It doesn’t seem so as Winsberg reveals that Máximo starts to become “interested in Julia’s friend Isabel [Gabriel Milla].” So expect some changes in the dynamic between Máximo and Julia as new situations unfold and fresh faces are introduced.

And expect some changes in the present as Máximo and his nephew are joined on their journey by one of Máximo’s employees who has a strong rapport with Hugo. “We were just looking for another funny foil for Máximo, and we liked the idea of a driver slash bodyguard who’s been with him a long time,” Winsberg says. “In a way, they’re kind of like an old married couple.”

The main part of the present-day storyline though is Máximo’s return to Acapulco, where he’s doing his best to find peace following the death of Don Pablo. “He’s bringing Hugo back to his roots and they’re actually able to go into a lot of the spaces that Máximo is talking about in his stories,” Winsberg explains. “So it gives us the opportunity to do some cool cinematic visuals of going back and forth between the two at the same time.”

While the show is mostly uplifting, it has its difficult moments as well, with the co-creator teasing, “it’s an emotional journey for Máximo returning home, and he’s got a lot of feelings of guilt and past wrongs that are starting to creep up on him. And there is a mystery going on in the present storyline about someone he’s gonna go visit and whether or not that person is gonna be Julia or Isabel in the present day.” Only time will tell as the series kicks off its second season. Don’t miss the mystery unfold as the latest chapter arrives on Apple TV+.

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