‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3: Was Andrew Faking Tears? Fans React

Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 3 Episodes 1-4.]

Love Is Blind contestants sometimes complain of unfair edits, but Season 3’s Andrew doesn’t have much room to complain, at least not for Episode 3.

After Nancy rejected Andrew’s proposal, the 30-year-old smooth talker seemed hurt by the rejection, but his solo interview after leaving the pod proved her intuition was spot on, as Andrew faked tears on camera to drum up sympathy from viewers. But what he likely didn’t expect was that the producers would leave the behind-the-scenes planning in the final cut.

“Men have this persona they want to give off, and so there is a lot of deception,” Nancy said in solo commentary after the proposal. “Andrew is too cool, too calm, too collected. It’s not what I envisioned by husband to be.” Next came Andrew’s confessional.

“What are you thinking about?” the producers asked him. “Are you rolling?” Andrew replied. They were. He pulled out a bottle of eyedrops and said, “Mind if I…? It’s just too much.” At first, it seemed he needed the eyedrops because his eyes were hurting. “Just a little bit,” he said while collecting himself.

“It didn’t feel good, to be honest,” he said when finally ready to talk Nancy. “I guess I feel satisfied that I went for it. Yeah, man. It hurts.” He pulled out the eyedrops again and said, “I guess this is a good moment for that,” implying the drops were being used to fake tears.

Andrew in 'Love Is Blind' Season 3


“Is it OK that I’m doing this?” Andrew asked the producers. “If your eyes are hurting you, then by all means,” they replied, giving him the benefit of the doubt. He laid the drops on thick and let them stream down his face as he sniffled and said, “I never thought I could care for someone that would bring me to tears.” Bruh…

Twitter is in a tizzy over the moment. Viewers couldn’t believe what they watched, and they couldn’t get over the fact that the producers kept that moment in the final cut.

The trailer for the next batch of Love Is Blind Season 3 episodes, dropping October 26 on Netflix, shows Andrew will make a comeback during a potentially tumultuous time in Nancy and Bartise’s relationship.

All we’re saying is, they better show her those fake tears receipts. Don’t let love be blind this time, Netflix. We’re begging you!

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