Netflix to Delay Harry & Meghan Docuseries Following Backlash Over ‘The Crown’

Prince Harry and Meghan
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Netflix has been in hot water recently following a leak about Episode 1 of the upcoming fifth season of The Crown, and now it’s affecting some of its other royal-themed releases.

According to Deadline, the Crown episode, titled “Queen Victoria Syndrome,” is said to focus on a meeting Prince Charles had back in 1991 with then-UK Prime Minister John Major, where he complained about having to wait so long to inherit the throne. The episode title references Queen Victoria, who sat on the throne for 63 years before Edward VII could inherit the throne. The former prime minister has since come forward to claim that no such conversation ever took place, calling it out as “malicious nonsense.”

The script also reportedly references a real poll that ran in the UK Sunday Times at the time, which argued that an aging monarch dates the monarchy, and suggested it would be best if Queen Elizabeth II abdicated to Charles.


While the backlash surrounding the episode is based purely on speculation, as Season 5 hasn’t been released yet, it has been enough to put Netflix on the defensive. In response, they have decided to push the much-hyped documentary on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which was scheduled to air in December following the premiere of The Crown.

While there was never an official release date for the as-yet-untitled documentary, it has long been known that the streamer was looking to capitalize on the release of The Crown as the lead-in to the documentary.

With the passing of the Queen in September, plans had to be reconsidered to take into account the sensitivity surrounding the monarchy. And with so much criticism falling on one of their prestige shows before it is even released, it is no surprise the streamer would want to push the documentary to avoid further criticism.

As has been publicly discussed, Season 5 of the Emmy-winning series dramatizes the tragedy of Princess Diana’s untimely death, and there will already be enough questions around how the show is navigating such tough waters. We’ll have to wait and see!

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