‘SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ Breaks Down Kanye West Tweets, Trump Letter & More (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Kanye West tweets

As always, Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” sketch on Saturday, October 15, riffed on the previous seven days of world news… and what a particularly weird week it was.

For starters, Kanye West posted antisemitic tweets, which were then condemned by organizations like Anti-Defamation League and the Black Jewish Entertainment Alliance. “‘Black Jewish Entertainment Alliance’? Just say Lenny Kravitz,” Michael Che quipped on Saturday’s “Weekend Update.”

Then “Weekend Update” cohost Colin Jost mentioned the Elon Musk tweet in which the Tesla CEO — and probable future owner of Twitter — said that he “talked to Ye and expressed concerns about his recent tweet” and thought West took those concerns “to heart.”

“Well, that settles it,” Jost said. “If there’s one thing we trust Elon with, it’s successfully reading another human being’s emotional cues.” (SNL devotees may remember that the NBC show controversially had Musk host a Season 46 episode.)

The “Weekend Update” duo also delved into the January 6th committee’s ongoing investigation — as well as Donald Trump’s reaction to the committee subpoenaing him.

“Trump responded with a 14-page letter. 14 pages. OK, Unabomber,” Jost said. “My favorite part of Trump’s letter is the beginning because it’s on really nice letterhead, [and] it starts ‘Dear Chairman Thompson,’ and then the first line is just screaming. It’s like reading a Victorian love letter that says, ‘My beloved Winifred, who the hell are you having sex with?’”

In other January 6th news, Che reported that the committee showed “a never-before-seen video … of a desperate Nancy Pelosi speaking on the phone with Mike Pence, which to Pence counts as adultery.”

“In the video, Pelosi said that she wanted to punch out Donald Trump and knew if she did, she’d go to jail and be happy,” Che added. “I assume because she owns stock in private prisons.”

And speaking of Trump, Jost cited Mitch McConnell’s comments that he’s not concerned with Trump calling to have McConnell removed as Senate Minority Leader. “In fact, McConnell said the threats make laugh harder than his favorite comedy show, Dahmer,” Jost added, referencing the controversial Netflix series.

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