‘Moonlighting’ Creator Reveals He’s Trying to Bring All 5 Seasons to Streaming

Moonlighting - Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis
Everett Collection

For everyone eagerly awaiting the news that Moonlighting has found a new streaming home, don’t break out that saxophone solo just yet because Glenn Gordon Caron has revealed in a series of tweets that it’s not time to celebrate quite yet.

In the first tweet, he writes, “Can’t keep it under my hat any longer- the business of getting all five seasons of Moonlighting starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd ready for streaming has begun!”

He then adds, “It’s an ambitious project. Lots of moving parts. And it could take quite a while. But I wanted you to be the first to know.”

And THEN! Drumroll, he reveals that there’s currently no official streaming home for the series.. yet.

No word on where or when you’ll be seeing it — but it’s happening!

He ends his tweetstorm with:

Now get back to work! Which, OK fine, we will all do that as long as these streaming services get to work on bringing back this beloved series so we can all binge-watch the snarky, sexy, smartmouthed romance between Maddie and David. Here’s hoping that one day soon we will finally get word on when and where we can watch all 67 of those episodes.