’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’: Angela Pops Up on Michael in Nigeria (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episode 6 “Outta My System.”]

We’re not even halfway through this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? and the drama is ratcheting up! Pace yourselves — there’s much more to come. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss from Episode 6.

Angela and Michael

As the episode opens, Michael is getting swimming lessons to conquer a lifelong fear. His friends are teasing him about his “grandma” wife Angela, who is winging her way from Georgia to Nigeria to pop up on him, and he has no idea.

Michael’s friends say that Angela is too bossy and that he needs to stand up for himself and get a job, but his employment plan for the near future is to build his Instagram following and become an influencer. Angela doesn’t understand that he wants to use it to make money, she just thinks he wants to flirt with women. (We’ve previously learned that Michael wants Angela to give him $5,000 in order to take the Instagram page down.)

In an interview, Michael says that the relationship probably doesn’t have a good chance of surviving because Angela needs to control everything and it’s important to him that his opinion counts, too. “I hope she will compromise because I’m her husband,” he says. “I need to have a say in this marriage.”

Angela and her friend Renee land at the airport and she tells the cameras how glad she is to have her friend with her. “I need her to keep me out of Nigerian jail,” she says.

They were going to spend the night at the hotel before going to see Michael the next day, but Angela decides that it’s go time. She calls Michael on the way and tells him to stay awake. “Get ready for the shock of your life!” she yells.

When Renee and Angela arrive, Michael won’t open the door, so Angela starts pulling off pieces of his car. Renee shouts at Michael to come outside because Angela is breaking his car. “Tell him I’ll break the windows next!” Angela screams.

Kimberly and Usman


The couple go to celebrate Usman’s birthday with his friends, including KB, the pal with nine wives and whom Kimberly walked out on a few days earlier. Promising to be on her best behavior at the party, she pulls KB aside to apologize for the other night.

While all of Usman’s friends in attendance are men, a beautiful woman named Ali soon joins the party, explaining that she is his publicist. Though “she’s everything that I’m not,” Kimberly soon finds out that Ali is Usman’s most platonic friend and not a threat. Still, she admits to the cameras later that she may be a little bit jealous about Ali’s age.

As the superstar rapper Sojaboy, Usman can get any woman he wants in Nigeria, Ali shares in an interview, so she’d think something is “fishy,” if she didn’t know him and saw him walking around with Kimberly.

Usman is really happy with Kimberly’s behavior at the party, telling cameras that he is gaining the courage to bring her to meet his family.

As they are driving to have lunch, we learn that Kimberly had the birthday “yammy,” which is Usman’s nickname for his eggplant, “and it was so great,” he says.

Usman is planning on taking Kimberly home to his family the next day, and she has more questions about how he would expect her to behave around a second wife and any children she might have with Usman. Up until this point, she has insisted that she wants no part of a second wife or her children, but once Usman equates it to Kimberly’s adult son Jamal, something different clicks.

That calm doesn’t last long, because Usman is boasting that, if she’s of Hausa descent like he is, his second wife may come from anywhere in the world, including America. That, Kimberly says, would be a deal breaker for her.

“Why are you giving me terms and conditions like you’re doing a big favor for me in this world?” he explodes. He adds that Kimberly is only giving 20 percent out of 100, while he’s giving 80. He’s 33 and an artist, he screams, and he says no to women all over the world and yes to her. “If I love you at your age and you love me at my age, do you think you’re doing a favor for me?”

Kimberly tells the cameras that, if Usman doesn’t understand her sacrifices, this relationship probably won’t work. He thinks he can get a wife anywhere in the world, she scoffs, but he can’t even get to any of the places he mentioned where this woman might be living.

Jovi and Yara


Yara is finally approved for her Green Card, and once she receives it in a few weeks, she can go to Europe to try and help her family; her mother is staying in Prague, Czech Republic, while her family and friends are still in Western Ukraine. Jovi wants to accompany her, but he wants her to wait for three weeks until he is back from work.

Jovi wants to celebrate with Yara, but she wants to go have a drink with her friends, so he tags along. “At this point, we’ve just accepted that he’s going to show up at every occasion,” says her friend Adele.

Yara’s friends corner Jovi and let him know that he’s being too controlling. Irina, who is also from Ukraine, thinks that he has trust issues. Knowing that there is no time to waste when it comes to the war in Ukraine and doing what she can to help her loved ones, Yara asserts that she’ll make her own decision about when to go.

Bilal and Shaeeda


Shaeeda brushes her tongue obsessively, explaining that she used to do the same to her teeth until she started wearing the enamel off, so she had to make the switch. After she’s done scrubbing, she makes a video call to her friend Eutrice, who has seen her in several relationships that didn’t work out, in Trinidad. She tells Eutrice that Bilal blanks out any time she talks about baby stuff and he doesn’t want to go to the fertility specialist with her, but she needs answers now. Eutrice warns her that there will be a point where she can’t keep those feelings bottled up.

Bilal reluctantly accompanies Shaeeda to the fertility specialist, who tells Shaeeda that her short menstrual cycle might be an issue when it comes to ovulation. Bilal also raises the issue that he’s not ready yet, and the doctor says that’s important to consider as well.

“It’s super frustrating that Bilal wants to wait even after what the doctor said,” she says in an interview later. “He didn’t marry a 22-year-old or a 30-year-old. He married someone who is 37-years-old and really wants a baby. We have to deal with it, not run from it.”

Elizabeth and Andrei


Elizabeth (Libby) and Andrei have decided not to go to her mother’s 60th birthday dinner because her estranged brother Charlie will be there. Instead, they go to the Manatee Center with Andrei’s father, who is visiting from Moldova, and their daughter Ellie.

Her sisters Becky and Jenn do go, and the tension is thick when Charlie arrives with his wife Megan and their three kids, but they seem to quickly unite in their hatred of Andrei, who Charlie blames for getting him “canceled” by the family.

They all think Andrei is a master at manipulation and Becky is scared of the day when Andrei will keep her from talking to Libby. “If it happened to me, it could happen to you,” Charlie warns her.

Big Ed and Liz


Liz’s grandparents, Lavina and Richard, who are like her parents, have driven 16 hours to meet her and Big Ed in San Diego to go fishing and grill him.

“I’m okay with Ed but, oh boy, they’ve had a rough time from the beginning,” Lavina tells cameras. She later compares their relationship to her and Richard’s. People weren’t rooting for them, just like Big Ed’s mom and daughter aren’t supporting him and Liz, but Lavina and Richard have made it for more than 50 years.

“Are you marrying her because you really, really love her or she makes you feel young?” Lavina asks. “She does make me feel young, but that’s not why I’m marrying her,” he says. “I’m going to love her and take care of her for the rest of her life.”

Later, Liz leaves Big Ed at home and goes out with her grandparents, reassuring them that she is willing to take care of Big Ed as he gets older. She’s been married twice before and is scared of having a third divorce, but she is choosing to believe in the positive changes that Big Ed has been making

Next Time

Jenny and Sumit take Kama Sutra class, but Jenny feels awkward learning what Sumit calls “the seasoning, like toppings.” She says, “I just wanna make love and go to sleep.”

Shaeeda tells Bilal that she is scared that time will be passing and there will be no baby. “Now I’m fearful that you’re quick to wanna run for the hills,” he admits.

Usman’s mom asks him how old Kimberly is, and he hides his face. “What do we do if your mom says no?” Kimberly asks Usman in an interview. “We cannot get married if she says no,” he answers.

Andrei’s immigration case doesn’t seem to be proceeding as normal, and his lawyer asks if somebody could have complained about him. “I actually might be deported,” he says.

Big Ed and Liz are out for a night on the town, and he asks Liz if she was in a relationship with “her.” “Seriously?” she says, pulling away. “Something’s being hid from me and I want to get to the bottom of this like right away,” he tells cameras. “I’m done, I’m gonna puke!” she yells, running across the street.

Meanwhile, back in Nigeria, Michael is raging at Angela, and people are holding him back. “You came to my place without telling me! Are you mad?” he screams. “I’m done, get out!” She insists, “he will not come on my visa!”

If you feel your blood pressure elevating, you’re not alone. Fortunately, we have seven days to decompress before we find out what happens next!

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