’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ Recap: Yara Wants to Go Back to Ukraine

Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episode 5 “Complicated.”]

This week’s 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? feels like the most real episode we’ve had all season, and we’re just getting started. As real world headlines catch up to the series, viewers are getting raw reactions that will truly touch your heart.

Jovi and Yara

In this episode, Russia invaded Ukraine one week ago, and Yara is worried sick about all her friends and family back home. She has 28 friends in Kyiv and family in Western Ukraine, while her mother is living in Prague, Czech Republic.

Yara sees the city of Lviv on television and tells Jovi that it is close to where her family lives. She says people there are miserable all the time, kids are dying, and there are miles of lines just to get groceries. Friends are hiding in bathtubs during the day and bomb shelters at night.

“Yara hasn’t been sleeping or eating a lot,” Jovi says in an interview. “I worry about my country, about my people, about everybody,” she adds, crying.

Jovi is worried that he has to go back to work on the road for the next three weeks and Yara won’t have any support. Yara wants to go to Europe as soon as she gets her green card, which may happen while Jovi is away. The couple went to see their immigration lawyer to see if they could do anything to help, and he let them know that, once Yara gets her green card, she can apply for her mother and siblings to come to America.

At lunch, Jovi admits isn’t sure that’s the best idea because it would be hard to support everyone. “If I make enough money to buy myself expensive purses, I can buy the other people freedom,” Yara reasons.

Jovi makes his case for Yara to wait for him to come home so they can travel abroad together, but she doesn’t know if she wants to wait that long.

Jenny and Sumit


Jenny and Sumit are about to zip-line across a river on their honeymoon in Rishikesh, and it looks like she is going to chicken out, so he goes first. Jenny eventually wrangles the courage to do it, and she finds it exhilarating.

Sumit’s wife is twice his age, and he never knew that she could be that adventurous until now, and he wants to keep it going. “Now I can see you’re an adventurous person, so we match perfectly,” he smiles.

He suggests that they take a class to learn “yoga tricks” from the Kama Sutra, but she resists, saying she knows everything there is to know at her age. “Maybe it’s something I need?” he ventures.  “I think you’re fine,” she says.

“First zip-lining and now Kama Sutra — I don’t know if I know who Sumit is right now,” she jokes to the cameras.

Kimberly and Usman


“This is not healthy for us. We can just forget about it, Kimberly,” Usman flatly tells his girlfriend after he’s successfully gotten her to come back inside the hotel. “There’s no point for somebody to be in a relationship and start crying all the time. If this is how we are going to go, I want to end it, period.”

But Usman doesn’t leave, and they have breakfast the next morning. She explains that she flipped out the other night when his friend told her that multiple wives are to be treated and loved equally, which wasn’t what Usman told Kimberly. “You told me the first wife gets all the love and second is the babymaker, basically,” she says.

He apologizes and says he’s very sorry, but Kimberly still thinks Usman just tells her what he wants her to hear all the time. “What if we get married and I find out it’s all [BS],” she wonders to the cameras.

Usman’s mother still has to approve of this potential union, and Usman knows that’ll be a tall order. “I’m bringing another white older lady down to my family, and I’m worried because I know they’re not going to like her,” he notes in his own solo interview.

Usman is going to have a birthday party later in the day and he wants Kimberly to go, but he is scared about how she’ll act. She promises to behave herself publicly and tell him privately if she’s mad about anything.

Kimberly asks if she can get some “yammy” tonight, which is a nickname for Usman’s eggplant, and he jokes, “OK, bend down now!”

“After birthday party, you’re getting yammy tonight!” he says, but tells the cameras alone that, if she acts like she did last night he won’t take her to see his family, “and the relationship will break.”

Big Ed and Liz


Liz and her friend Alex are having fun while learning how to twerk in a dance class, and they sit down to chat afterwards. It’s the first time they’ve hung out since a few days ago, when Big Ed and Liz fought in front of Alex, which Liz found really embarrassing, but Alex doesn’t judge her for it.

Alex is the first person Liz has invited to the class, which she started taking during a six-month stretch when she and Big Ed were broken up — one of eight times he dumped her. She tells Alex that the only time Big Ed lets her have “me time” is when she goes to work out, which quickly turns into a conversation about how Big Ed looks at Liz’s old pictures and asks her if she ever thinks about getting back to her smaller size.

“He has control issues that make me question if I can see a future,” Liz admits in an interview.

Later, Liz and Big Ed go out on a date night. The plan is to ultimately have dinner, but first, they have a little role-playing game where he has to try and pick her up from the bar while pretending he’s someone else. If Liz doesn’t like this new guy, Big Ed has to come back and try again as a different persona. She hilariously sends him away several times, and his lines get cornier each pass.

“Hey, do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” he asks on his successful attempt. They exchange “I love yous” and sit down for dinner.

“I do think we bring out the best in each other,” she tells the cameras later. “This is why I want to work so hard for this relationship.” She also admits that, while she’s sad for Big Ed that his mom and daughter haven’t RSVP’d for their engagement party, it would also be a relief for her if they are not there.

Elizabeth and Andrei


For once, we see a softer side of Andrei as he plays with his daughter and her dolls, which makes Elizabeth (Libby) the happiest we may have ever seen her. They’re still not planning on going to Libby’s mom’s 60th birthday dinner because Libby’s estranged brother Charlie still hasn’t gotten any help for his drinking or shown any remorse for physically fighting with Andrei at the family barbecue. That incident prompted all of Charlie’s siblings to pull away from him.

The camera cuts to a pair of feet, which we soon learn belong to Charlie’s wife Megan — he’s taking pictures of them for her booming foot fetish business, which she reveals made her over $70,000 in the past year. She boasts that’s more than she made when she worked for Charlie’s father in the family real estate business.

“Andrei’s a manipulator and he tries to turn my family against me,” Charlie tells the cameras. He’s looking forward to going to his mom’s birthday dinner to prove that he isn’t the “instigator” in any of this.

Angela and Michael


Angela is packing her bags to pop in on Michael in Nigeria, and she’s both excited and mad to go confront him. She’s read up on her spousal rights through his country’s Marriage Act and tells her friend Renee that anything Michael owns in Nigeria is also hers by law.

Angela met Renee in the airport last year when she smelled smoke on her and asked for a cigarette. They paid a bathroom attendant to leave while they smoked in the airport restroom, and it bonded them in an instant, Thelma and Louise-like friendship — so much so that Renee has offered to go to Nigeria with Angela to help with the ambush.

“If I found out Michael was scamming me, then the whole relationship was fake,” Angela notes. She needs to find out the truth before his visa is approved because she doesn’t want him to come to America if he’s been taking advantage of her the whole time.

Next Time

Yara’s friends tell Jovi that he’s a bit controlling since he still wants her to wait for him to go to Ukraine. It looks like Libby’s mom is having her birthday dinner without her, but her sisters are about to see Charlie for the first time since the barbecue, and they look nervous.

Big Ed meets Liz’s grandparents, whom she says are like her parents, and they have questions. “Are you marrying her because you reeeeeeally love her or because she makes you feel young?” Grandma asks him pointedly.

Kimberly and Usman are still arguing, and he needs her to know she has competition. “I have plenty women from everywhere in the world,” he tells her. “I said ‘no’ to them and I said ‘yes’ to you.”

Bilal and Shaeeda visit a fertility specialist. She explains that her regular monthly cycle comes every 21 days, and the doctor seems concerned that it isn’t every 28 days, which makes Shaeeda start to question what she really knows about her chances to have a baby.

Renee and Angela are in Nigeria and they’ve made it to Michael’s doorstep, but he won’t open up. Angela starts pulling Michael’s car apart, piece by piece, screaming, “Tell him I’ll break the windows next!”

Usually, it’s so hard to wait a week to see what happens next, but maybe it’s good that we have a few days to prepare for an episode that looks anything but calm.

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