‘Chesapeake Shores’ Recap: Time Jump Gives O’Briens a Lot to Celebrate

Treat Williams, Barbara Niven, Laci Mailey, Stephen Huszar, Emilie Ullerup, Robert Buckley, Kayden Magnuson, Abbie Magnuson, Meghan Ory in Chesapeake Shores
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 7 “It’s Not for Me to Say.”]

As executive producer Phoef Sutton told TV Insider, “A lot of stuff that maybe would’ve taken two or three seasons to do, we kind of had to move forward.” And we certainly see that in the seventh episode of Chesapeake Shores final season, with a time jump of six months.

Abby (Meghan Ory) panics after Evan (Robert Buckley) comments that it feels like he’s known her forever and she replies, “it kind of sounds like you love me.” Mick (Treat Williams) interrupts the awkward moment that follows, allowing Evan to flee. Abby then asks Kevin (Brendan Penny) for advice, and all he can offer is that they have an open, honest conversation. Evan’s actually the one to start it, wondering, “Did you say that because you love me? Or just that you think I love you?” Of course she answers that with a question for him: “Does that mean that you do love me?” They agree to answer at the same time, and while he tells her, “I love you,” she says, ” you love me” — before admitting, “I do love you. It scares me how much I love you.”

Meanwhile, Sarah’s (Jessica Sipos) due date is approaching, and while she and Kevin planned not to find out what they’re having, he does what many people do when someone tells them not to look: He glances at the ultrasound at the exact wrong moment. But he’s terrible at keeping secrets, so he spends the episode trying to do just that, to varying results. He tries his hardest not to tell Bree (Emilie Ullerup) what he knows, while Abby deduces it’s a boy by his reaction during a conversation. And he finally spills the truth to Mick before ultimately confessing to Sarah that he saw after doing a terrible job of trying to pretend he still didn’t know while she suggested girls’ names.

Treat Williams, Barbara Niven in Chesapeake Shores

David Astorga/Hallmark Media

Mick decides to ask Megan (Barbara Niven) to move in so they can spend more time together while she’s there (versus LA). Abby’s a bit concerned, since he’s still in his first year of recovery, but she still gives her blessing. The only problem: Mick focuses on the practical when asking Megan over what should be a romantic dinner. “Sometimes the practical reasons are not necessarily the right reasons,” she tells him.

But his second attempt goes over much better, when he shows her a combo pergola-gazebo he built her, something she mentioned wanting 25 years ago, along with two chairs with their names in a heart across the arms. “I want to share a house with you. I want to share our lives. I want you to move in with me,” he tells her. While that was “just right,” she still needs a little time to think about it — then surprises him by moving her suitcases into the bedroom before a family dinner.

Bree and Luke (Stephen Huszar) discover that while they don’t agree on everything (like believing in soulmates), they do not only have the same birthday but also are those people who hate the occasion and do not want gifts. Of course, that leads to Bree worrying that Luke thinks she’s one of those people who says she doesn’t want a gift but really does and will buy her something, so she tries to enlist Kevin to make sure that doesn’t happen. Her brother just ends up confusing her boyfriend. And then thinking Luke’s getting her something, Bree gets him a gift … only for him to really have toothpaste and vitamins in the bag with him. But then Luke surprises her with a cake, reading “Happy birthday to Luke and not to Bree,” and she loves it.

Finally, in “this could lead to happy news,” David (Carlo Marks) visits his father Dennis (Malcolm Stewart) in prison. At first, it’s just to, as Jess (Laci J Mailey) recommends, tell him how he feels. But then Dennis apologizes for not being a better father and not saying he loved him sooner and tells his son to talk to his company’s CEO, who stood by him. There’s also a flash drive in a safe, with the combination the license plate number of David’s first bike. It surprises David that Dennis remembers that, and he does go to collect the drive. Once he does, finding documents, emails and recordings ostensibly showing how ruthless his dad could be on it, David begins to think that Dennis might have really been framed.

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