‘Chesapeake Shores’: [Spoiler] Ends up in a Dangerous Situation (RECAP)

Stephen Huszar, Emilie Ullerup in Chesapeake Shores
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 8 “I Get a Kick Out of You.”]

Until the final moments of the latest Chesapeake Shores, the biggest things in the episode seem to be David (Carlo Marks) trying to find his dad (Malcolm Stewart) a lawyer and Evan (Robert Buckley) getting a surprise family reunion. But that changes when Luke (Stephen Huszar) stops at a gas station, and now we’re left wondering if the series’ penultimate episode might be very tragic.

On the way back from visiting his parents’ graves on his mother’s birthday, Luke is in the store at the gas station when a man walks in to rob the place. The cashier hurries to give him the money from the register, but she insists she doesn’t know the combination to the safe. Luke intervenes, trying to get the robber to leave, then distracts him by saying there’s a sign that says it’s a time-delayed safe. Luke grabs him, and they wrestle for the gun, then we only hear, but don’t see, the gunshot. And last we saw, the gun was pointed in Luke’s direction… Uh-oh! Is Bree (Emilie Ullerup) about to lose her boyfriend after they’ve finally gotten past some of the issues in their relationship?

If so, that would be coming just as things are also going well in Bree’s professional life. Actress Miranda Livingston (Tammy Gillis) comes to town to talk to Bree about adapting her book as a movie, and the author wants to ensure she’s the right person. So, she has a plan to reveal her true nature: She has the waitress mess up her order. But Miranda shrugs it off. And she seems to want to do justice to her work, asking to get to know Bree and her family.

Treat Williams, Emilie Ullerup, Meghan Ory in Chesapeake Shores

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However, Bree doesn’t take some of Miranda’s criticism about using too many verbal fillers when asked a question she wasn’t expecting or moving her hands when she’s excited. Luke suggests she was just trying to help, and Evan says that Miranda’s one of the good ones after playing her in Celebrity Jeopardy (both lost to Neil Patrick Harris.) And so by the end of the episode, Bree’s meeting Miranda again, and it looks like she’s on board with Miranda making the movie.

Elsewhere for the O’Briens:

  • Evan’s DNA test returns and reveals he has cousins he never knew about. At first, he doesn’t want to know anything about them; as Mandrake (Wesley Salter) tells Abby (Meghan Ory), he’s used to being on his own, and when people, especially family, get close, it makes him vulnerable. But after talking to Bree about letting strangers get an inside look at your family (about her book and Miranda), Evan tells both Abby and Mandrake about his dad. His mom would tell him stories as a kid, but he figured his dad just left them. Now, he wants to know about his new family. But to his surprise, when Mandrake returns from his search for answers, he’s not alone: Evan’s dad is with him.
  • Now believing his dad is innocent, David tries to use the evidence to help his case. But it’s easier said than done to find a lawyer who will take Dennis on as a client; even the family lawyer won’t take David’s calls. And the FBI agent is so certain that Dennis will be charged and there will be a trial. Unsurprisingly, David ends up turning to Connor (Andrew Francis) and Margaret (Mariesa Crouse) to take his dad’s case.
  • Kevin (Brendan Penny) decides to return to medical school and be a doctor.

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