Karen Pittman Says ‘Unthinkably Good Things’ Is About ‘Falling in Love With Your Life’ (VIDEO)

“It was my Roman Holiday moment,” gushes Karen Pittman about finding herself on the back of a Vespa, jetting through Italy’s jaw-dropping countryside. The Morning Show actress journeyed to Europe for her new film, Unthinkably Good Things, the first project under Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Mahogany brand geared towards Black viewers.

In the original movie, it’s divorced creative writing professor Allison Cooper’s (Pittman) mind that’s racing when she’s offered the opportunity to make her temporary teaching gig and casual romance with local cheesemaker Nico (Luca Seta) a permanent part of her life. “Love may be someplace we never thought we would find it,” says Pittman of Allison’s potentially life-changing conundrum.

What’s a girl to do with such a big decision on her plate? She calls her best friends, struggling restauranteur/breast cancer survivor Melina (Joyful Drake) and retired military member Reesa (Erica Ash), who come to visit and help Allison sort through her feelings about this major life change. “We always need friends to say ‘I’m here for you if you want to let go of that burden,’” offers Pittman.

Turns out all three women are at huge crossroads that, sorpresa!, don’t rest solely on their respective love lives. “[The film is] very much about falling in love with your life, not just falling in love with your romantic partner,” says Pittman. She adds that shooting on location in places like Frascati and Villa Aliprandi gives the film “a magnificent backdrop.” Che figata!

Watch the video interview with Pittman above.

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