‘Jeopardy!’ Announces Second Chance Tournament Contestants

Jeopardy!, Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik
Jeopardy!, Inc.

Jeopardy!‘s filming for Season 39 is just beginning and the executive producers of the game show are revealing which individuals will be back for the buzzed-about tournament that will determine which two individuals win a spot in the upcoming Tournament of Champions.

The two-week run will consist of 18 returning competitors going head-to-head for the coveted Tournament of Champions positions. In Week 1, nine contestants will compete in regular games Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, the winners from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will play against one another to determine who will become the first Tournament of Champions competitor. The same process will occur in Week 2.

Jeopardy! Second Chance contestants

(Credit: Jeopardy!, Inc.)

Among the returning contestants are Isaac Applebaum, James Fraser, Sadie Goldberger, Aaron Gulyas, Molly Karol, Alicia O’Hare, Do Park, Tom Philipose, Tracy Pitzel, Nikkee Porcaro, Renee Russell, Pam Schoenberg, Jeff Smith, Sarah Snider, Jessica Stephens, Rowan Ward, Jack Weller, and Cindy Zhang.

Set to commence on-air beginning Monday, October 17, it’s unclear which competitors will go head-to-head in Week 1 and who will face off in Week 2, but stay tuned to hear more about match-ups as we near the tournament.

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The news about Second Chance comes just after it was revealed that Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik will split hosting duties once again for the upcoming 39th season of the game show. Only time will tell which host will helm this tournament, but keep an eye out for more news as we approach Season 39.

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