‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Dylan McDermott Previews Season Finale That Puts Team ‘on Edge’

Dylan McDermott as Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott in FBI Most Wanted
Mark Schafer/CBS

For Dylan McDermott’s first finale case with FBI: Most Wanted, the CBS drama isn’t pulling any punches.

In “A Man Without a Country,” the team chases an oligarch who goes on a terror spree in New York City in a desperate attempt to escape his impossible situation. In other words, the last time we see Remy Scott in Season 3 will be just like how we first met him in the April 12 episode: with the agents hitting the ground running.

McDermott, who will be back next season, previews the finale and looks back at his six episodes with the series so far.

Something that strikes me about Remy is that he is genuinely a really good guy.

Dylan McDermott: Absolutely. Yes, I know. I think people were surprised because after Richard Wheatley [on Law & Order: Organized Crime], people weren’t sure if I could be play someone good. So I had to show everyone I could be good again.

What can you preview about the finale case? How does it challenge him?

This is a heightened episode because our families are at risk, and that is something that really we haven’t seen before. Every one of the team’s families’ members are threatened, so that really heightens the case and we have to put them in a safe house to make sure that they’re secure and [safe]. That was really something extra that happens in this particular episode, which I think makes everyone be on edge more so than they normally are.

Dylan McDermott as Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott in FBI Most Wanted

Mark Schafer/CBS

So this is a very formidable opponent that we’re facing in Sarkov [Rudolf Martin]. That’s something that I think Remy is well aware of. This guy has money, he has weapons, he has chemical weapons, and he has resources around the planet. So Remy and the team know that they’re probably up against one of the most heinous criminals of all time.

I really enjoy Remy’s dynamic with the team. How is he feeling about them? Does he feel settled now that he’s worked a few cases with them?

Yeah, absolutely. Playing Remy, I wanted to hit the ground running and make everybody feel pretty safe and secure. This was only six episodes, don’t forget. We’ve only seen him on six episodes. So I was really happy that people kind of, even from the first episode, really liked Remy and thought he was a good leader. I think he settled in pretty nicely with everyone, I have to say.

I think my favorite dynamic so far is Remy and Hana [Keisha Castle-Hughes].

Oh, yeah? That’s great. He has different dynamics with each one of the team members and I think he approaches each one a little differently. With Hana, it’s very real and fun. With Kristin [Alexa Davalos], it’s more of a teasing relationship. With Ortiz [Miguel Gomez], there’s a camaraderie there with him. The good thing about Remy is that he always kind of gets in with people, he empathizes with people, he knows, he listens and he does that even with the criminals, by the way. If you notice he does that on a weekly basis with them. He listens, he hears them out. And that’s a really fun thing to play.

Keisha Castle-Hughes as Special Agent Hana Gibson, Dylan McDermott as Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott and Alexa Davalos as Special Agent Kristin Gaines in FBI Most Wanted

Mark Schafer/CBS

I am interested to see what the dynamic between Remy and Barnes [Roxy Sternberg] will be like though.

Right, me too. I’ve never met Roxy. So I look forward to that as well to see what’s gonna happen there.

Especially because she’s the one who’s most affected by the loss of Jess [Julian McMahon] and here is the new team leader.

Exactly. That’s gonna be interesting. I’m glad you brought that up.

It looks like Remy’s found possible new love, too, with April [Wendy Moniz]. How’s that going?

Oh, that’s been so much fun. When I studied the show before I came on, I really felt that it was important to infuse humor and playfulness in the show. I didn’t see a lot of that when I was watching it, so I really wanted to have that quality to add to the show because we’re dealing with such a dark subject matter each week and I thought it was good to kind of juxtapose the humor and the playfulness of Remy. Now we’re really seeing that other side to him, the softer side to him in terms of this romance. And that’s a great thing to play, to be able to do that and then to go out into the field and catch a fugitive. It’s a dream come true, this role.

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And he’s met someone who can go toe-to-toe with him. She is such a fun character.

That’s for sure. She really is.

We got to know Remy’s family a bit and with them is a side of him that’s not as confident as he is at work. Talk about exploring that part of the character?

There’s a part of him — he said it right before he shot the gun out of [the woman’s] hand, something along the lines of, you just want to be loved or we all just want to be loved. I think that’s how Remy feels too. I think he’s uncertain about how much love he got as a kid by his mother [Catherine Wolf]. Obviously you heard what she said to him, wishing it was me, Remy, that was killed and not his brother. And I think that obviously haunts him. But I think even underneath that is the fact that there’s a part of him that feels like he was never really loved.

Dylan McDermott as Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott and Catherine Wolf as Betsy Scott in FBI Most Wanted

Michael Greenberg/CBS

I was going to ask about that line and how much that will be weighing on him going forward. Especially because he’s been so upfront about what happened with his brother.

I think it’s something that’s gonna be ongoing. It’s one of the reasons it’s very personal — if you notice with Remy, each case is personal. It’s not just an FBI agent going out chasing people. There’s something that goes on in each case that is important for Remy to fulfill for his own psychology that’s linked to his brother. So that’s something that we’re gonna see more and more of as we go forward.

FBI: Most Wanted, Season 3 Finale, Tuesday, May 24, 10/9c, CBS