Miguel Gomez

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Actor • Rapper

Birth Date: August 20, 1985

Age: 38 years old

Birth Place: Cali, Colombia

Though he was known for a long time by the Mexican-themed hip-hop name Aztek Escobar, actor and rapper Miguel Gomez was actually born in Colombia in 1985. After relocating to Houston, Texas as a young adult, Gomez became involved in the hip hop scene, forging a strong bond with the local Mexican-American community. Gomez was eventually the first artist to be signed to Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella La Familia record label, releasing four albums between 2005 and 2009 including King Of Kings, Rise To Power, Blood In Blood Out, and I Swear To God. In 2012, Gomez branched into acting with a role on the popular series "Louie" (FX, 2010-). He joined the cast of the sci-fi horror series "The Strain" (FX, 2014-) in 2014, and by 2015, Gomez was training vigilantly to co-star opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the Antoine Fuqua boxing drama "Southpaw" (2015). Ironically, Gomez himself was a natural "southpaw"-a left handed boxer-and had to train to fight with his right and for the film, while Gyllenhaal, who was right handed, had the opposite problem. After his performance in the film earned major acclaim, Gomez signed on to appear in the military biopic "Megan Leavey" (2017).

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