‘Mr. Mayor’ Series Finale: Ted Danson Teases Final Scenes With Holly Hunter

Ted Danson and Holly Hunter in Mr. Mayor - Season 2
Robert Trachtenberg/NBC

As rich and suave as Ted Danson’s L.A. mayor Neil Bremer is, there’s one thing he can’t charm his way out of: public outrage!

In the second-season (and now series) finale of the sly office comedy, a social-media scandal has triggered a recall election, pitting Bremer against his own ambitious deputy mayor Arpi Meskimen (Holly Hunter). Here, Danson (right, with Hunter) looks back on his two years in office.

The last two episodes of the season are so stressful!

Ted Danson: [Laughs] My cohort/nemesis Arpi has always known that I was in over my head and didn’t deserve to be in this position. She sees her chance to become mayor, so then sides are chosen. Some staff members come with me, others go with her. And I love the very, very, very end of the [finale].

What did you think of Arpi’s glammed-up debate look?

Oh my God. They could have [aired] an extra 10 minutes with some of the stuff Holly was doing. She was just hilarious.

Now that you’ve done two seasons with Holly, how would you describe your dynamic?

She’s such a talented actor and so dedicated…it’s a delight to work with her. Together, Neil and Arpi are such wonderful opposites. I’m a little bit laid-back, and she’s very in-your-face. I think they begrudgingly like each other. They recognize that they’re the adults in the room.

Do you see political ads now and think, “Ugh, I know what they’re going through”?

You know, we aim for silly and nothing that resembles real politics. I’ve probably learned more raising money over the years for different politicians than from doing Mr. Mayor. [Laughs]

Mr. Mayor, Series Finale, Tuesday, May 17, 8:30/7:30c, NBC