Ranking the Likelihood of ‘Magnum P.I.’ & More Canceled Shows Being Saved

Madeleine Mantock Jay Hernandez Natalie Martinez
Colin Bentley/The CW, Karen Neal/CBS, Matt Miller/NBC

Fans have resurrected canceled TV shows before, and they certainly could work their magic again with this year’s batch of broadcast TV casualties as streaming platforms, cable channels, and even other broadcast channels could potentially come to the rescue.

For example, there’s already talk of NBC or USA rescuing CBS’ Magnum P.I. — which is hardly a surprise, since the Jay Hernandez-led procedural was the highest-rated TV show to be axed this season.

We’ve combined ratings figures with Google search data from the past month for this (admittedly unscientific) ranking of the recently-canceled broadcast TV shows most likely to be saved. Yes, Magnum P.I. ranks high, but you might be “charmed” to see other shows represented on the list below.

Mr. Mayor Ted Danson Neil Bremer
Colleen Hayes/NBC

10. Mr. Mayor (NBC)

“Of course NBC canceled Mr. Mayor after it finally found its footing and was consistently being the funniest thing on the big networks,” writes @MattAaronHarper.

Charmed Madeleine Mantock Macy Vaughn
Colin Bentley/The CW

9. Charmed (The CW)

“We really got a Charmed multiverse, and then they canceled it,” laments @manndaraee.

Natalie Martinez as Amy Kindelán in Ordinary Joe
Matt Miller/NBC

8. Ordinary Joe (NBC)

“I’m gonna say what needs to be said: Ordinary Joe wasn’t the best show, but I dedicated my time to Amy Kindelán [Natalie Martinez, pictured above] for an entire season, and now I need to know what happens to her in all timelines,” @CarissaPolo says. “Peacock better pick it up.”

Cecilia Suarez and John Ortiz in Promised Land
Daniel Delgado/ABC

7. Promised Land (ABC)

“I’m so sad about Promised Land getting canceled,” @billiesutton_ writes.

Pete Holmes as Tom Smallwood in How We Roll - Season 1
Cliff Lipson/CBS

6. How We Roll (CBS)

“Sad to hear about How We Roll [being] canceled, but wanted to thank [Pete Holmes] and the rest of the cast for providing me with laughter when I needed it,” says @Atl4life10.

Morena Baccarin as Elena Federova in The Endgame
Eric Liebowitz/NBC

5. The Endgame (NBC)

“This was such a good show,” @iDreamer18 writes. “@Netflix, please pick it up.”

Kenan Kenan Thompson and Hayley Marie Norman
Jordin Althaus/NBC

4. Kenan (NBC)

Kenan was canceled?” @divinejanai says. “Well, this sucks.”

B Positive - Thomas Middleditch, Annaleigh Ashford
Michael Yarish/CBS

3. B Positive (CBS)

“What the heck — CBS canceled B Positive too?!” @leedfrazer exclaims.

United States of Al Parker Young Adhir Kaylan
Robert Voets/CBS

2. United States of Al (CBS)

“Just found out they canceled United States of Al after two seasons,” @meshmaterial says. “I don’t watch many TV shows at all and now one less. Really disappointing.”

Magnum P.I. - Jay Hernandez as Thomas Magnum
Karen Neal/CBS

1. Magnum P.I. (CBS)

“I never used Twitter up until Magnum P.I. was canceled. I’m here now so I can help #SaveMagnumPI,” writes @leannecove1. “So I kindly ask @NBCUniversal, @nbc, [and] @UniversalTV to please bring us back our show that meant so much to so many. It was the light in the darkness. We need our ohana back on our screens.”