‘Bull’: Geneva Carr on Marissa’s Love Life & Her Excitement for Her Character’s Ending

Geneva Carr as Marissa Morgan in Bull
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Bull Season 6, Episode 15 “With These Hands.”]

The latest Bull is a big one for Geneva Carr. Not only was it her directorial debut, but her character, Marissa Morgan, also received some major news about the man in her life.

In “With These Hands,” Marissa turned to Taylor Rentzel (MacKenzie Meehan) to do a little digging into Henri Fray (Edward Akrout), and by the time she’d changed her mind, it was too late: Her friend had already discovered he’s married! But there was more to the story, Henri explained to Marissa. They’ve been separated for five years, but she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the middle of the divorce. They stayed married so she could use his insurance. He wasn’t too pleased to find out she had a background check done on him. Marissa planned to try to win back his trust.

That information did “throw her for a loop, but what I love about the episode is that Marissa’s not giving in,” Carr tells TV Insider. “There is more with Henri that will be revealed, and I admire Marissa for trying after everything that’s gone wrong. … It ain’t over until it’s over.”

Carr tells us more, including scoop on Jill Flint‘s return as Diana Lindsay, the episode Sasha Alexander (who worked with Michael Weatherly on NCIS) is directing, and how it all ends for Marissa. (The series finale will air on May 26.)

Marissa finds out Henri’s married, though the situation is complicated and she does talk to Taylor about winning back his trust. So how is she feeling about him at the end of the episode?

Geneva Carr: I think it’s a great example of you only know what you know. Marissa heard that he was married and he is, but in the episode, you understand what that choice means. I do believe he was wrong not to say anything, but when everything is revealed, I think it teaches us, for me at any rate, that we need to know all the details before we judge. And I think, especially in the atmosphere of where we’re living right now, it’s really a good thing to try to understand everybody else’s point of view and you may find a middle ground that you didn’t anticipate. And that’s what happens to Marissa. I think she’s humbled by what she learns and she decides what is the right thing to do, and she’s gonna go for it.

Edward Akrout as Henri Fray, Geneva Carr as Marissa Morgan, and MacKenzie Meehan as Taylor Rentzel in Bull


This was also a bump in the road for Marissa and Taylor, and I love their friendship. But it sounds like they’ll be OK, right?

They’re gonna be OK. It’s a testament to true friendship. You have to be open and honest with each other and forgive. I have to say directing MacKenzie was pure joy. We were both so prepared and in a sense, I find myself very relaxed in the episode because I was so worried about her. [Laughs] And I think that’s why she’s so relaxed in the episode — she was worried about me. So the scenes with her were just so much fun, and I love the ending scene when we decide how we’re gonna move on with our friendship and how we care about each other. It’s really a testament to what best friend can be for each other.

I like how honest they are about everything. They’re not trying to pretend that everything’s OK right away.

Right. I love that. She’s so good in the episode. She’s just terrific.

Geneva Carr as Marissa Morgan and Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull in Bull

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Marissa and Bull have butted heads this season, and I loved seeing her stand up for herself and get the partnership she deserves. So how is their relationship heading to the end of the series, more amicable or contentious?

I would say it’s definitely gonna be more amicable, and I have to say that my relationship with Michael is part of that. He is the most supportive friend you could possibly have. He’s been my ally on the set and he was the most insistent that I really fight for this opportunity to direct. So Dr. Bull is gonna continue to guide Marissa and there’s some major changes that are coming to pass at TAC. And I think just as in life, onscreen, Dr. Bull is gonna give Marissa the desire and the courage to go for it.

And Diana Lindsay is back. What can you preview about that episode?

I can just say that it’s gonna unsettle as many feathers as you anticipate. There is a palpable chemistry between Dr. Bull and Diana, and I think it’s gonna light a fire in some fans’ heart. But let me just say this: When you’re with the right partner, it shows.

Michael Weatherly as Jason Bull and Jill Flint as Diana Lindsay in Bull

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How does Marissa handle that? Because it kind of seems like she may have to think about some things when he can’t, if he’s a little distracted.

I think that she’s really been put to the test this season. I’m really proud that our writers and our showrunners have faith in Marissa to step up. And in these instances, Marissa’s gonna be there for Dr. Bull and he’s gonna need it. He’s really showing how vulnerable he is this season, and it’s really beautiful.

Also coming up is Sasha Alexander directing. Is there anything you can share about that episode, whether it’s what we’ll see onscreen or filming it?

It is very exciting. And again, in this episode, Dr. Bull, because of some health issues — on the show, not in real life — is gonna have to rely on his team in a way that he never has before. And so there’s really interesting things that happen between the team members, and Marissa and Chunk [Christopher Jackson] kind of go head to head in this one. And Danny [Jamie Lee Kirchner] pretty much has the test of her life. She has a really big scare in the episode and she’s fighting to find her balance again, and it’s some of the best work that she’s ever done. And Sasha is just fantastic. It’s so nice to have a friend of Michael’s on set, someone who has known him as long as anyone, and she’s super supportive and funny and really is enjoying herself and we are having the best time.

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And sadly, the series is coming to an end. How are you feeling about saying goodbye soon?

Oh, talk to me any longer and I may cry about it. This has been such an empowering, fun experience and it’s gonna be really hard not to go to work with my closest friends every single day. That’s gonna be the hardest. I love this character. I’m devastated leaving her behind, but we are a family in the truest sense of the word. And particularly during COVID, to be able to work and make a living with people that I care deeply about has been a real gift.

How do you feel about Marissa’s ending, if you know it?

I do know it, and it is so exciting. The episode with Sasha is really thrilling, what I get handed, and in the next episode, that is directed by Bethany Rooney, wow, I get some great stuff. And let me just say, there’s a guest star that’s coming back that’s gonna give Marissa a run for her money and reveal where Marissa ends up in terms of TAC. Do not count her out because girl power. [Cheers]

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