On ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’, Linda B. is Out for Blood (VIDEO)

Michelle Hurd in Ash vs Evil Dead - Season 2, 2016
Geoffrey Short/GHS Photography/Starz Entertainment
Asylum, BTS, Crew, Linda B (Michelle Hurd), Props

Something wicked this way is coming this weekend on Ash vs. Evil Dead and it is pushing Linda B .(Michelle Hurd) to her breaking point!

In this NSFW exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode, Ash’s high-school sweetheart is faced with the choice to either give into her killer instincts or show mercy to someone, err, something, that has messed with her family. Having been through a similar twist, Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) offers Linda some sage advice that, while very Oprah-fied, really doesn’t land the way she had hoped.

At the same time, Pablo (Ray Santiago) finds himself almost completely overtaken by the Book of the Dead that has invaded his soul, but from the looks of this exclusive shot, even that may not save him from a certain Evil version of his favorite chainsaw-handed hefe.

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Hey, Pablo...need a (chainsaw) hand?

Hey, Pablo…need a (chainsaw) hand?

Of course, this all goes down in an abandoned mental institution and they’re not even the craziest things about the episode. Just wait until you see the toy that refuses to play nice with one of the team.

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