Kaci Walfall Introduces ‘Naomi,’ a Superhero Superfan With Powers of Her Own (VIDEO)

The CW has a new superhero — and star — on their hands and TBH, they’re both pretty fabulous.

In Naomi, a lively adaptation of the DC Comic book series written and produced by Oscar-nominee Ava Duvernay and Jill Blankenship (Arrow, Sweet Tooth), Kaci Walfall skateboards smoothly into the role of Naomi McDuffie, a Pacific Northwest high schooler so into Superman that she runs the third-most-popular online site devoted to the Man of Steel in the country.

But unlike what we’re used to seeing when it comes to characters obsessed with superheroes (not to mention ones destined to become a superhero), Walfall’s instantly admirable Naomi is cool, popular, funny, and confident. A solid skillset to have once her world is pretty much thrown off its axis after a supernatural event shakes her hometown of Port Oswego and stirs up questions about not just its origins, but also Naomi’s, as well.

Naomi - Aidan Gemme + Mary-Charles Jones + Kaci Walfall + Will Myers + Camila Moreno

Danny Delgado/The CW

Armed with a keen intellect and a posse that includes fiercely loyal bestie Annabelle (Mary-Charles Jones, Kevin Can Wait), comic-shop badass Lourdes (Camila Morena), boyfriend Jacob (Aidan Gemme), and still-smitten ex Nathan (Daniel Puig), Naomi sets out to figure out what’s up with her sudden new abilities. As her investigation deepens, questions develop regarding her doting adoptive parents — veteran military officer Greg (Barry Watson, 7th Heaven,) and linguistics teacher Jennifer (Mouzam Makkar, The Fix) — and why shady used-car lot owner Zumbado (Cranston Johnson, Filthy Rich) seems to be everywhere trouble is.

Along the way, she also scores a mentor of sorts in tattoo parlor owner Dee (Alexander Wraith, Orange Is the New Black), although we definitely have questions about whatever it is he is hiding after seeing the season premiere.

At the heart of it all, however, is Walfall’s dynamic energy, which was on tap when we spoke to the young actress about inhabiting this inspiring role and what fans can expect going forward. Watch our chat in the video above!

Naomi, Series Premiere, Tuesday, January 11, 9/8c, The CW