The CW Boss Responds to Shock Over Cancellations, Explains Reasoning

Batwoman, Season 3 - Javicia Leslie
Dean Buscher/The CW

The CW is gearing up for some big change as a bulk of its slate was canceled much to fans’ shock and network boss Mark Pedowitz is giving context for the reasoning behind the surprising move.

Among some of the casualties of the cancellation roundup include Arrowverse favorites Batwoman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as well as Charmed, Dynasty, 4400, In the Dark, Legacies, Naomi, and Roswell, New Mexico. And it was officially announced Thursday that Riverdale would come to an end after its upcoming seventh season.

While Riverdale will have time to plot out its closing episode, some of the other favorites that met their abrupt ends with the mass series axing didn’t quite have that chance, but Pedowitz shared that it wasn’t the network’s intention to leave fans high and dry.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 cast

(Credit: Bettina Strauss/The CW)

“I realize the pattern is different from what we’ve done in years past, so I can see why this came as a bit of shock to you and to the fans,” Pedowitz told reporters during an executive call according to TV Line. “Look, none of these were easy decisions. We had long conversations with our studios and parent companies, and everyone recognized that this was a time of transition for The CW. So, unfortunately, some difficult financial and strategic decisions needed to be made at every level.”

Pedowitz went on to make it clear that cancellations had nothing to do with the level of content but instead with a desire to go in a different direction. “We are very proud of the stories we told, the producers and writers who created those shows, and all the talent that we’re fortunate to have had on this network,” he said. “I have always been a bastion of giving a long-running series a proper ending, so our creatives can finish telling the story on their own terms, and the fans who have invested all of this time are hopefully satisfied. We also tried to do that this year.”

According to Pedowitz the network was aware of which series were considered “bubble shows” and teams were reportedly earned in the case that they would like to wrap up stories. “We did not know 100 percent what was going to happen, so we encouraged all of those producers to treat their finales as if they could be series finales,” Pedowitz clarified. “We wanted to do the right thing by the series and by the fans.”

Clearly, this supposed advice hasn’t been taken into consideration because some shows left viewers with unresolved stories. “Ultimately, the producers are stewards of their own creative visions; they are the storytellers,” Pedowitz said. “We, at The CW, always strive to be collaborative and provide guidance and direction. Unfortunately, sometimes there are fans that lose out by these decisions, and that, I emphasize, is never anyone’s intention.”