Maya Rudolph & Andy Samberg Are ‘Baking It’ for the Holidays (VIDEO)

First, there was Making It, the delightful Amy PoehlerNick Offerman crafting series. Now, behold it’s more edible cousin…Baking It!

Fittingly, exec producer Poehler has recruited her fellow Saturday Night Live alums Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg to oversee the newest expansion of the “It” franchise (can we get a Raking It for landscape artistry?). Kicking off with eight teams of two — including twin sisters, a father-son duo, best friends, long-estranged siblings, and several couples — Peacock’s new holiday-themed cooking competition will winnow down the list of hopefuls over a series of inclusive challenges inspired by the various holidays celebrated at this time of year. Think Great British Bake-Off with more intentional laughs.

Baking It grandmas

(Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC)

And in keeping with the upbeat spirit of the original series, the show is a mix of cozy charm, encouragement, and kooky comedy. There are also several musical numbers and a panel of “Opinionated Grannies” (above) — who know a thing or two hundred about baking — in charge of the judging and eliminations. Because how can you feel bad when Nana Harriet sends you home with a hug?

We recently chatted with Rudolph and Samberg about stepping into the kitchen, the “so impressive” bakers, and why they wound up crying on set. Just don’t expect any tips on improving your own baking game, since it sounds like neither of them picked up anything other than forks during filming.

Baking It, Series Premiere, Thursday, December 2, Peacock