Judge Judy Sheindlin Returns to Court in ‘Judy Justice’: How to Stream on IMDb TV


All rise! Judge Judy Sheindlin’s court is back in session for Judy Justice, a new series she calls an “exciting new adventure.”

But don’t worry, the sharp legal expert — beloved for blunt rebukes like “Is the word stupid written across my forehead?” — has lost none of the refreshingly in-your-face appeal that made her former syndicated show a must-see for 25 years. In fact, there’s even more to love about her new courtroom series, with new episodes streaming daily on IMDb TV.

On top of a fabulous fashion upgrade — peep that burgundy robe! — the cases this time range from small-claims to criminal matters; the stakes are higher than ever (litigants can be awarded settlements up to $10,000); and a trio of top-notch experts aid everyone’s favorite adjudication icon. “I’ve been sort of alone the past 25 years,” says Sheindlin. “Now, I have a new team.”

Chief among them: her granddaughter, Sarah Rose. The sunny and rsmart law student landed the job as Judy’s on-set law clerk following the sweetest audition ever. While quarantining together in Florida, “[Sheindlin] said, ‘I have this new exciting show and we’re adding a law clerk,’” explains Rose. “And I said that it sounded great, and she goes, ‘I’m glad you think so…because it’s you!’”

Throughout the series, as Judy presides over diverse cases, Rose researches various statutes, then briefs her grandma on information that could impact the verdict. Including, she laughs, some unexpected confessions. “I’ll look up a certain jurisdiction’s rules on something and [find a defendant] just admitted to a felony!”

Another addition to the justice league is bailiff Kevin Rasco. Tasked with maintaining order in the court, the retired L.A. probation officer has a proven track record of having Judy’s back: He’s been her bodyguard for nearly four years. “I was already in the family,” says Rasco, who jumped at a producer’s summons to join the show. Just don’t be thrown by his infectious smile. Rasco admits that his previous work with high-risk juveniles has armed him with “a second nature” when it comes to the procedures necessary for laying down the law.

And finally, keeping tabs on every bit of testimony and “Judy-ism,” as she puts it, is Whitney Kumar. The seasoned stenographer was “a little nervous” as the newbie on the Sheindlin scene. “I didn’t know what to expect,” admits the court reporter, who has since uncovered evidence that Sheindlin can be as tender as she is tough. “She’s really compassionate and kind,” continues Kumar, praising her boss for being a “great leader in the cases and off the set.”

Seems like the verdict is in…it’s Judy Justice for the win!

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How to Stream Judy Justice on IMDb TV

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Get the IMDb TV app

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Watch on Prime Video

Good news, Prime Video subscribers! You’ve already got access to IMDb TV’s huge library of content. Go to the IMDb TV channel through the service and search for Judy Justice and other TV shows or films by genre—such as Action and Adventure Movies (find The Mask of Zorro starting November 1) and Comedy TV (Bewitched and Good Times, for example). Plus, if you have an Echo device with a screen, you have one more way to watch.

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Watch online

Go to IMDbTV.com and browse the enormously diverse collection. In addition to original shows like Judy Justice, there are many beloved hits like Schitt’s Creek, Mad Men and Little House on the Prairie.


Settle in front of the TV

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