‘The Resident’ Sneak Peek: Conrad Obsessively Searches for What Killed Nic (VIDEO)

Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) solves medical mysteries. But in the October 12 episode of The Resident, he’s more concerned with finding the answer to one that hits very close to home: what caused the accident that killed his wife, nurse practitioner Nic Nevin (Emily VanCamp). TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek of his investigation.

“You’ve been visiting the crash site every morning for the past two weeks,” Conrad’s dad Marshall (Glenn Morshower) says as he feeds Gigi. “You never come home feeling better or more informed than when you left. I’m just wondering if this might be doing you more harm than good.”

“It’s something I need to do,” Conrad says. And he’s gathered every bit of information he can find, as you can see. “There had to have been a medical cause for the accident,” he insists. Watch the clip above as Marshall suggests some possible causes and Conrad’s responses.

Matt Czuchry as Conrad, Glenn Morshower as Marshall in The Resident


“Now What?” will show Conrad grieving. “He tries desperately to figure out what the cause was of this accident. Why did Nic die, why did she get into this accident? This is an obsessive search for him and a way to move past his grief,” co-showrunner and executive producer Andrew Chapman told TV Insider. “He’s a guy who finds answers, he finds solutions, and now he’s lost the love of his life, and he needs to find a solution for that and to find a solution so that he can tell his daughter when she grows up, ‘This is what happened to your mom.’

Episode 4 is intense and his navigating his grief is intense and it leads to all these scenes with Devon who lost his dad and had all this grief and Conrad was there for his grief. And so there’s really great stuff between Conrad and Devon in 4 as they try to help each other. Manish [Dayal] and Matt are just spectacular as a team together, so there’ll be a lot of that.”

Also in this next episode, AJ (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) has a run-in with the police that takes a surprising turn, and Leela (Anuja Joshi) notices problems with a surgeon who has been Bell’s (Bruce Greenwood) mentor.

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