‘Resident Alien’ First Look Teases Harry’s Season 2 Return to Earth (VIDEO)

Resident Alien Season 2 Alan Tudyk

He’s back. Syfy’s Resident Alien is teasing the return of Alan Tudyk‘s extraterrestrial Harry in a first look at Season 2 of the hit comedy.

As part of New York Comic Con, Syfy has debuted a brand new video offering fans a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the show’s upcoming season. Crash landing on the network earlier this year, Resident Alien follows Harry after he arrives on Earth and passes himself off as the small-town doctor of Patience, Colorado.

Resident Alien cast season 2

(Credit: Syfy)

When he got roped into a murder investigation, things got a little dicey for the alien. Despite being sent to the planet with a mission to kill all humans, Harry finds himself caring for the “Earthsiders” after assimilation into their lifestyle.

Based on the Dark Horse comic by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse, Resident Alien concluded its first season with young human Max (Judah Prehn) stowing away aboard Harry’s spacecraft. When the alien found Max, he’s forced to question whether or not he should return to Earth. “Since we’re back in the cabin, it sort of suggests that maybe I came back to Earth,” teases Tudyk in the behind-the-scenes featurette, below.

“Season 1, the stakes were high,” he adds. “Season 2… they’re really high again.” The actor goes on to mention, “Just because I don’t destroy the Earth, doesn’t mean someone else isn’t going to destroy the Earth maybe.”

Joining Tudyk for an event “alien-er” season are returning stars Prehn, Sara Tomko, Corey Reynolds, Alice Wetterlund, Elizabeth Bowen, Levi Fiehler, Meredith Garreston, Gracelyn Awad Rinke, Mandell Maughan, and Linda Hamilton among others. Meanwhile, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel‘s Alex Borstein joins Season 2 as Carlyn, cousin to Garreston’s Kate.

Below, get a first look at the upcoming season and keep your eyes peeled for Resident Alien‘s return in early 2022.

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