’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’: Tension Builds (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 6.]

Finally, we’re getting some answers. After three years and countless ultimatums, Sumit opens up about the real reason why his mother appears to despise Jenny…and it’s a heartbreaking hypothesis. Meanwhile, Avi’s medical issue drudges up past insecurities for Biniyam, and Ellie feels trapped abroad. The biggest bombshell, though, may be from Steven and Alina’s rocky romance. The question is: Did one of them cheat?

Find out why these 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couples are on the brink this week.

Alina & Steven: Like a Virgin?

After being together in Turkey for a week, Steven has called his and Alina’s trip thus far a “rollercoaster,” leading to a whirlwind apartment change. However, Alina is still reeling from Steven’s bombshell confession that he is not ready to get married. “That was really painful for me,” she admits. “All I’m thinking about is, ‘Does Steven really love me?'”

Steven does a “companionship inventory” to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their relationship. For Alina, trust is a big concern, and Steven comforts her by saying she’s the most important person in his life. Later, however, Alina learns that Steven sent a reply to another woman’s message. “He invited her to go to America,” Alina sums up. “What is he doing?”

Alina encourages her friend Masha to reply to Steven’s DM and see how far it will go. “I want to find out if I can trust him, once and for all,” Alina hints.

Turns out, Steven didn’t think that they were exclusive long distance. He blames his behavior on being scared about committing to Alina. “I think she kind of felt like I was Prince Charming, coming in on my stead,” Steven says, defending himself in a confessional. “But my words didn’t really match my level of commitment.”

Steven agrees to delete his social media accounts; but does this really mean he’ll be faithful? And, despite his devout Mormon roots, Steven tells Alina he’s not a virgin. “I haven’t been 100 percent open and candid with you about my past,” he says during a wine tasting. Let’s just say Alina does not take that too well.

Biniyam & Ariela: Should She Stay Or Should She Go?

New parents Biniyam and Ariela learn that baby Avi needs to have surgery for a hernia that is causing his intestine to bulge. “I am trying to be calm because the doctor says it’s a really common problem,” Ariela says.

And, she’s pushing for Avi to get the surgery in the U.S. “He can be with my parents when he’s having surgery. That might be the best option,” she adds. “I’m trying to not freak out.”

Ultimately, Ariela decides that Avi needs to have his surgery in America. But she’s too worried to tell Biniyam in case he fears she’ll abandon him like his ex-wife did. “I don’t want you to hate me,” she cries. “I’m really worried about it.”

But Biniyam thinks Ariela’s outburst came at a convenient time, since he’s in public getting his haircut. “She knows I have shame,” he says in a confessional. “My ex-wife left on a trip. She cried and convinced me like this. She took my child and didn’t come back. For Ari to repeat this, this is a difficult thing for me.”

Ariela’s mother Janice calls Biniyam to ease his worries. “If you don’t have a choice for going there, there’s just one thing you have to promise me,” Biniyam later tells Ariela. “Please come back if you go.”

Armando & Kenny: Blending Families

Armando is hopeful about the “progress” he’s making with his father attending his wedding. Yet Kenny doesn’t want his fiancé to get his hopes up too much.

Meanwhile, Kenny’s daughter Cassidy and Armando’s sister go fabric shopping to make Hannah’s dress for the wedding. Cassidy opens up that it’s hard to see Armando’s father not accept her dad Kenny’s marriage to Armando. “Cassidy, she doesn’t know her dad with a girl,” Armando’s sister explains. “So I hope they understand it’s the same thing with us, that we’ve never seen Armando with a man. At first it was very difficult, but we’re getting there.”

Cassidy assures Armando’s family that Kenny is a “great mother and father figure” and hopes that they can accept their family. “I want them to know this is love, they are in love,” Cassidy says through tears. “I want to let them know that they really have nothing to worry about Hannah being raised, because I think I turned out OK.”

Victor & Ellie: Between a Storm and a Hard Place

Following the hurricane in Providencia, Victor pushes for them to move full-time away from San Andres. But this plan doesn’t sit well with Ellie. “I’m feeling kind of terrified about what we decided,” she confesses. “I want to support the person I love and stand by him, and I hope I’m up for the challenge. But honestly, I don’t know.”

An overwhelmed Ellie FaceTimes her best friend back in the U.S. From planning her beach bar to now stressing about how to get a phone signal, Ellie is not enjoying her time in Providence thus far. “Part of me just wants to run home but I don’t want to abandon him,” Ellie sadly admits. “I want to be here and support him because I love him.”

But, she’s anticipating hitting a breaking point. “The reality is life is really hard there and it’s not completely safe,” she concludes.

Jenny & Sumit: Finally, a Revelation

When Sumit previously told his parents that he was engaged to Jenny, “their reaction was not great,” which only added to the tensions between them. Sumit opens up to Jenny about his learned behavior to “lie or suffer” when it comes to dealing with his mother. “My divorce was one of the biggest losses for my mother,” Sumit reflects. “She was very happy with the girl…She’s just missing a daughter in her life.”

Sumit reveals that his sister died as an infant, and he thinks that his mother is trying to recreate a mother-daughter relationship with whomever he marries. “Sometimes it feels like my mother is taking revenge,” Sumit states. “She’s mad at me because she’s not happy that she lost a girl she had a connection with. So maybe this explains why my mom doesn’t like Jenny because she considers Jenny as one who helped me get divorced.”

To Jenny, Sumit adds, “I feel like she’s mad at me for not doing what she wants me to do.”

Jenny suggests that Sumit’s mother needs professional help. “This isn’t a game we’re playing,” she says.

“We also need one for us because we’re going through hell,” Sumit adds.


Next week, Ariela gives Biniyam a promise ring before heading to America, and Sumit’s parents move in with Jenny. “They’ve made my life a living hell,” she dishes. Armando discusses in-vitro fertilization with Kenny, and Alina finds more evidence of Steven’s cheating. Plus, Ellie feels trapped with Victor; and, will Armando’s father attend his wedding? Also, Jenny threatens to leave Sumit unless they tie the knot, while Ariela accuses Biniyam of “destroying” their family while she’s trying to take care of their son. All that and a lot more to come!

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