‘Chesapeake Shores’: Can Connor Help Mick With His Legal Troubles? (RECAP)

Treat Williams as Mick, Barbara Niven as Megan in Chesapeake Shores
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 5 “They Can’t Take That Away From Me.”]

It’s good to have a lawyer in the family if you’re being sued, as Mick O’Brien (Treat Williams) learns in the latest Chesapeake Shores episode. It’s even better that his son, Connor (Andrew Francis), works for the law firm representing the man who wants to use Mick as his scapegoat.

As Paul Dilpher (Aurelio Dinunzio) sues Mick, claiming fraud on his part, Connor shares with his father the information he and Abby (Meghan Ory) uncovered: Proof that Dilpher forged his signature on several contracts since they’re dated when Mick was on vacation with the family. Furthermore. Connor suspects, after a tip from paralegal Margaret (Raylene Harewood, very much a highlight of Season 5), his colleagues are going through his desk drawers, including one with a lock. As she points out, he can control what they find. And so he locks a letter he writes to Abby about how Mick should take responsibility.

When it comes time for everyone to sit down, Connor joins his bosses, Mick, and Dilpher with the claim he’s just observing. Mick says he has proof of Dilpher’s forgeries and offers to walk away from everything if the other man signs a document stating he lied about his involvement and apologizes publicly for implicating him in the transactions. Mick also has files from other builders with whom Dilpher had worked; they, too, found discrepancies. That’s when Linda (Catherine Lough Haggquist) produces Connor’s letter, claiming it was found in the trash. (A lie.) But that’s when Connor reveals there’s a second page to the letter: Mick needs to tell the truth…about who ate Gran’s coffee cake.

Connor quits and lets his former bosses know he’s reporting this to the bar association. “That’s my son!” Mick exclaims proudly as they leave the conference room. (The case is dropped against Mick and criminal charges are brought against Dilpher.) So what’s Connor going to do now? He doesn’t know beyond the fact that he wants to practice law. Why not do that in Chesapeake Shores?

Robert Buckley, Jessica Sipos, Laci Mailey in Chesapeake Shores

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Elsewhere in “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”:

  • Evan (Robert Buckley) is staying in town as work on his hotel gets underway. While Abby may find him “challenging” (the word they settle on when he overhears her saying he drives her crazy), he seems to be winning over the rest of her family. That’s good, since he’s lonely in his bungalow and spends time at Jess (Laci J. Mailey) and David’s (Carlo Marks) B&B even after his home is ready. He’s lonely since he’s never had a family like they do.
  • Evan the skeleton exists. After a thousand-year-old skeleton was found at one of his other sites, it was named after him.
  • Bree (Emilie Ullerup) flirts with Luke (Stephen Huszar) as he tries to help her come up with a name for the course she’ll be teaching.
  • Kevin (Brendan Penny) and Sarah (Jessica Sipos) get some bad news in their journey to become parents: She has endometriosis, and her doctor says she might not be able to get pregnant. But when they go for a second opinion, they find out that it’s not as bad as they thought. Just give it more time, this doctor recommends.
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Plus, Bree reconnects with her high school nemesis and Jess struggles to tell David about the prenup his mom gave her.
  • Jess is worried she won’t be a good mom since hers wasn’t around to be an example. She doesn’t even know if she wants kids, she admits to David.
  • Megan (Barbara Niven) finds a way in with artist Arthur Driscoll (Keith Dinicol): her mother-in-law Nell (Diane Ladd), an old friend of his.
  • Kevin’s captain, Roger Gahagan (Peter Bryant), likely has Alzheimer’s. Kevin stops him from nearly making a dangerous error on a call and then finds Roger has post-its with reminders all over his house. Kevin’s the only one to notice or at least say something, the captain says. Due to the nature of their job, he knows he has to step down and makes the announcement to the town at Chesapeake Shores Day.

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