‘Married at First Sight: 5 Key Moments From ‘Family & Friends & Feelings, Oh My!’ (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 13 Gil Myrla
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 13, Episode 8, “Family & Friends & Feelings, Oh My!”]

Married at First Sight continues to see the five matches at the center of Season 13 settle into married life, but there are still some bumps in the road.

In the latest episode, “Family & Friends & Feelings, Oh My!,” housewarming parties, friend and family catchups, and new conflicts are on the docket. Below, we’re breaking down all of the key moments from the pivotal installment, so beware of major spoilers ahead.

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The couples are moving into their new apartments and stirring up some drama in the process.

Diving Deeper Into Married Life

Married at First Sight Season 13 Jose Rachel

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The couples continue to deepen their bonds in this episode which features Rachel and Jose on an outing to pick up plants for their home garden, which he seems to have a bigger say in. Meanwhile, Myrla and Gil rip off the metaphorical band-aid and share their current financial statuses with each other. She’s displeased to see that her husband doesn’t have as much money saved for their future as her. Despite this hang-up, the pair also share a sweet moment when they call Gil’s mother and Myrla meets her virtually, for the first time.

Candid Moments

Married at first sight season 13 bao

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Many of the cast members also meet up with friends to discuss their young marriages, with Zack mentioning some red flags being raised by Michaela to his pal Jeron. Zack’s worry is that her reaction to their arguments will ultimately lead to their relationship’s demise. As for Ryan, he meets with buddy Fernando to discuss his concerns about Brett’s anxieties, while she meets with her friend Christine and brings up her growing attraction for him.

Bao sits down with her friend Huy to air concerns about Johnny’s dismissive and disconnected attitude, bringing up his break from living in their apartment upon moving in. Despite these qualms, she’s still cautiously optimistic their union will work.

Group Meetups

Married at First Sight Season 13 Jose Johnny

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The men and women of the season catch up in separate gatherings in which they discuss their housewarming party planning among other things. Some of the biggest revelations from the meetups are Michaela remaining mum on her recent fight with Zack, Gil giving an update on his unchanged kiss status with Myrla, and Johnny’s apprehensions about Bao. The discussion with his fellow newlyweds leads Johnny to break down and Jose tries to calm him down with a little pep talk, but it doesn’t do much to help. When the couples finally reconvene at their homes, Gil fills Myrla in on the drama, sharing that Bao and Johnny are a little shaky at the moment. Johnny opens up about his uncertainties to Bao later that evening, shocking her in the process.

Housewarming Parties

Married at First Sight Season 13 Brett Ryan

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Kicking off the round of housewarming parties that welcomes friends and families into the newlyweds’ apartments are Rachel and Jose. The event is mostly joyful, but Rachel worries that Jose’s fixation with finances will steamroll her dreams to which his stepmother advises she put her foot down when necessary. Bao and Johnny’s gathering goes off without a hitch despite both of their moods which are rocky following the previous night’s conversation. While Bao tells friends she’s all in, Johnny admits to others he’s only 65 percent in on their relationship as he mulls over their future.

Michaela reveals to viewers she originally wanted to cancel her and Zack’s party, but decided against it, acting normal-ish as she preps for the gathering with friends. Zack airs his worries with friends and Michaela chats with one of Zack’s pals about his past relationships which usually ended for patterns of poor communication. Brett and Ryan take a lighter approach for their party by playing games with their guests but do discuss their growing feelings in separate conversations.

Meanwhile, Gil and Myrla tease each other as guests join them for a laid-back party as finances once again come up. Myrla has a frank conversation with one of Gil’s friends about her money motivations, and Gil presses her friends for info on affection within relationships, learning that Myrla isn’t into PDA.


Married at First sight Season 13 Michaela

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Following the parties, Bao and Johnny address the unspoken tensions between them, acknowledging that despite the looming feelings from their prior fight, they’re a good team. The duo even shares a sweet kiss. Things aren’t as lovey-dovey in Zack and Michaela’s apartment where he reveals he’s still upset about their fight and Michaela’s fake-out when it came to possibly canceling the party. He opts to leave for the night so he can clear his head, despite Michaela’s apologies. Can they overcome this hurdle? Only time will tell, so stay tuned for more as Season 13 continues.

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