‘Married at First Sight’: 4 Key Moments From ‘Home, Not Alone’ (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 13 Michaela Zack
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 13, Episode 7, “Home, Not Alone”]

The Season 13 couples of Married at First Sight are beginning a new chapter in the latest episode as they take the big leap of moving in together.

While this marks a continuation for most pairs, the episode titled, “Home, Not Alone,” makes way for a major reunion for Michaela and Zack who were separated due to COVID precautions. As with any new roommate, the spouses are learning about quirks and habits they didn’t know before.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the challenges and key moments the cast are dealing with in the episode but beware of major spoilers.

Heading Home & Moving In

While the episode opens with the cast returning to Texas following their Florida Keys-set honeymoons, the real excitement begins as they explore their shared apartments. In the process of getting their, self-shot video from Johnny reveals Bao’s snoring. Plus, Brett’s fear of flying is toned down upon her return home with Ryan.

Once they finally do enter their new living spaces, the couples begin mapping everything out. Rachel tells Jose about her plans to set early alarms for the gym, Gil carries Myrla over the threshold, and Bao nitpicks the space. When it’s time to begin thinking about getting ready for bed, Johnny is upset to learn Bao isn’t planning to take a shower, something the couple discussed during their honeymoon. His disappointment leads him to reveal he’s going home to his own apartment for a couple of days, much to Bao’s dismay.

Following everyone else’s arrival, Zack eventually makes it back to Texas where he surprises Michaela at her apartment with flowers. Her excitement is palpable as the duo prepares for their delayed move-in.

Seeing Each Other’s Places

The day after moving in, the couples return to their regular living spaces to pick up items they might need in their new apartments, giving husbands and wives a chance to see how their new spouses really live. Up first is Brett’s place where Ryan meets her energetic dog, Baxter. Then, Jose shows Rachel around his spacious house and she grows nervous upon encountering his budgeting board.

Gil is overwhelmed by Myrla’s closet filled with expensive items — almost as much as Jose is with Rachel’s collection of pencils. Brett gets a little nervous introducing Baxter to Ryan’s dog, Maisie, before checking out his home where she’s further traumatized by a deer head on his wall. Myrla is horrified when Gil gives his dog kisses inside the entrance of his home but manages to put on a somewhat brave face.

While we don’t see much of Zack and Michaela’s apartments, we do see them follow in the footsteps of Brett and Ryan by introducing their dogs, Nova and Bella. And although Bao begins to settle into her and Johnny’s apartment solo, he does return and make amends, leaving them to explore each other’s places which are both fairly spotless with Bao’s being a little more lived-in and warmer than Johnny’s sterile living space.

Early Drama

After discussing how they each handle conflict, Zack and Michaela are put to the test one morning when the latter wakes up to find the former left the apartment without telling her. This spurs Michaela to storm out with a bag on her shoulder. Needless to say, the lack of honeymoon time seems to be taking its toll on the duo who are on already on rocky ground.

Home Visits

Pastor Cal pays the couples a visit at their new apartments to check in on their progress. First up are Jose and Rachel who reveal their concerns about finances to which Pastor Cal says he should be willing to let go every now and then and have fun. The two also reveal that they’ve consummated their relationship. Brett and Ryan share that they’re doing fairly well — aside from her lack of love for country things. The discussion turns a little awkward when Ryan admits he isn’t in love yet but that he can see himself heading in that direction eventually.

During Pastor Cal’s visit with Myrla and Gil, she brings up concerns about Gil’s dog, while he worries about her spending habits and the lack of physical affection. He admits that if they don’t kiss, he’s planning to divorce her on Decision Day. Michaela and Zack address their recent fight as she opens up about her fears of abandonment following her father’s death and how that triggered her to decide to leave.

And finally, Pastor Cal stops by Bao and Johnny’s place where they talk about unattractive qualities with him revealing he doesn’t love Bao’s giddy and kiddish behavior at times. This upsets Bao, but Pastor Cal advises that Johnny work on his hangup and not let it overshadow what he actually likes about his wife. Tune in next week to see if the couples take this advice to heart or if rough patches will continue to spiral.

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