How Will Nic Be Written Out of ‘The Resident’? (POLL)

Emily VanCamp as Nic in The Resident
Guy D'Alema/FOX

The latest promo for The Resident Season 5 promises “everything will change,” and since we now know that Emily VanCamp will not be returning as nurse practitioner Nic Nevin, we have a feeling that’s not an exaggeration.

Season 4 ended on a happy note for Nic, as she and her husband, Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry), welcomed their daughter, Georgiana Grace, named after their mothers. The Season 5 promo shows Conrad alone with their daughter in her nursery and holding her when the police come to his door. It’s clearly grim news, but how grim? (We’re immediately ruling out her leaving her family.)

Obviously, our first thought is something happens, like a car accident. Maybe she was away visiting her father, Kyle (Corbin Bernsen), and on her way home. She could die instantly or end up in a coma. The latter would allow for the character to come back, should VanCamp return in the future.

If not for that promo and if she and Conrad didn’t just have a baby, we’d suggest a (temporary) job offer that takes her away and requires her to take a leave of absence from Chastain, but it’s hard to imagine that happening unless she’s going to be seeing Conrad and their daughter off-screen from time-to-time (or it’s something she can’t turn down). But the only way that makes sense is if that’s where she is when something happens to her, leading the police to become involved.

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Plus, will more than one One Chicago show lose a series regular?

Maybe Nic intervenes during some crisis and sustains fatal injuries as a result. We feel like that’s more likely than murder, though it’s impossible to really rule out anything on TV. (She was attacked by a patient in Season 4, so we feel safe ruling out The Resident repeating that.)

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