‘The Great’ Makes Way for a Baby, New Relatives & More in Season 2

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In the second season of The Great, the period comedy loosely based on Russia’s Catherine II, the 18th-century empress (Elle Fanning) rules after wresting control from her idiot husband, Peter III (Nicholas Hoult).

See how the new season compares to the first below!

Biggest Baby in the Palace


In Season 1, hotheaded Peter wasn’t above repeating a joke to intimidate courtiers into laughing: “Gentlemen, I said, ‘He looks like he fell in a fire.’”


Catherine’s soon-to-be-born bundle of joy! The pregnancy secures her reign, but it also gives her weird cravings…for eating dirt.

The Great, Season 2, Elle Fanning as Catherine

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Shrewd Battle Tactic


To end the war with Sweden, Catherine took charge at the talks, appealing to the egos of Peter and the equally immature Scandinavian king.


Catherine and Peter vie for control of the palace. In the Season 2 opener, she smokes him out of his wing by inventing the Molotov cocktail!

Eccentric Royal Relative


Peter’s aunt Elizabeth (Belinda Bromilow) was one of his staunchest allies, until patriotism and a new heir convinced her to switch sides.


Catherine’s glamorous mother, Joanna (guest star Gillian Anderson), arrives in Russia from Germany with a possible scheme up her sleeve.

The Great, Season 2 Premiere, Friday, November 19, Hulu

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