James Wolk Lives Many Lives in ‘Ordinary Joe’ Trailer for NBC (VIDEO)

Ordinary Joe James Wolk

James Wolk is no Ordinary Joe, but he’s playing one in the upcoming NBC series which begs to ask the question, “What if?”

The drama is set to premiere Monday, September 20, and a new trailer previews Joe Kimbreau’s “what if” journey. The action follows Joe in parallel universes as the story looks into how a single moment can change your whole life.

Faced with what to pursue at his college graduation, there’s three distinct paths Joe’s life could take, but which one is right? The story diverges into three timelines the night after Joe’s graduation as he makes life-changing choices.

Pulled by careers, relationships, and family lives, Joe’s ambitions could lead him to superstardom in the music world, to the hospital as a medical professional, or in his father’s footsteps as a police officer. Described as both heartfelt and life-affirming, the series proves there’s no right choice, no matter what happens in life.

ordinary joe nbc james wolk

(Credit: NBC Entertainment)

Things will always be messy, exciting, tough, and unpredictable. “It’s only natural to wonder, what if?” Wolk’s character narrates in the teaser, below. “What if you could see the roads you didn’t take?” Which road Joe takes is unclear, but viewers will certainly have a lot of fun seeing the paths he can lead.

Joining Wolk in the series are Natalie Martinez, Elizabeth Lail, and Charlie Barnett among others. Don’t miss out on this new series and Joe’s life adventures when Ordinary Joe debuts this fall on NBC. Until then, catch the trailer, below.

Ordinary Joe, Series Premiere, Monday, September 20, 10/9c, NBC