Inside ‘Big Brother’ Season 23: An All-New Cast, Surprise Twist & More

Big Brother Julie Chen
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Season 23 of the summer staple Big Brother sure sounds like a breath of fresh air. Here are three reasons it deserves your attention three nights a week — Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

1. The All-New Cast

For the first time in several years, landlady/host Julie Chen Moonves will welcome complete strangers: no returnees, no hidden connections. The 16 housemates, whose ages range from twenties to forties, move in live Wednesday, July 7, and they’re a diverse bunch. “We’re always trying to find people who look and feel different than we’ve seen in the past,” notes exec producer Rich Meehan.

2. The Escapist Digs

Keeping in mind an audience that was housebound for months, producers have turned the show’s central lockdown upside down: Houseguests will “vacation” in a Monte Carlo–Miami mashup known as
the BB Beach Club. Executive producer Allison Grodner describes the redesigned set as a “house-meets-boutique hotel on the ocean, with some really fun elements that play into the theme.” In other words: casino!

Big Brother Season 23

(Credit: CBS)

3. The Surprise Twist

Gambling plays a big part in this high-risk season, and at the end of the 90-minute opener, Grodner reveals, “Julie makes [the house-guests] what I call ‘an offer they can’t refuse.’” A $500,000 grand prize awaits the Big Brother winner — but who will be brave enough to take this double-or-nothing offer to get there?