‘Trying’ Sneak Peek: Nikki & Jason Debate if They Have Enough Space for Kids (VIDEO)

The struggles continue for aspiring parents Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall) who are tackling living space issues in the latest episode of Trying.

The Apple TV+ comedy’s second season is over halfway through and the pair are doing everything in their power to make their adoption dreams come true. In an exclusive sneak peek clip from the sixth installment, “A Long Way Down,” the duo evaluate the framing Jason’s father constructed in the previous episode.

As with any city-dwelling individuals, space is limited and in a sweet gesture, Jason’s father Victor (Phil Davis) built the beginnings of a potential third bedroom in an effort to ease the adoption process. In the clip, above, Nikki and Jason chat about the ways the room could work and learn how it might not work.

“How much space does a kid need?” Nikki asks aloud, looking around the room. She then proceeds to demonstrate the footsteps a kid might walk through the tiny perimeter including where they’d sleep and relax.

Trying Season 2 Esther Smith Rafe Spall

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The ever-supporting Jason throws out some encouraging nods and remarks. He even offers his own solution to saving space, saying: “You know what else we could do, right? Put water in the paint, make it thinner, apply a single coat. That’s gonna give us an extra millimeter of space.”

Nikki’s all too ready to agree with Jason’s logic, but could it work or is all of their justifying just a coping mechanism? Check out the clip and tune into Trying to find out.

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