Quirky ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Divides Viewer Opinion With Her Facial Expressions

Julia contestant on Jeopardy!

Mayim Bialik is currently guest hosting Jeopardy!, but she was not the only person on the show to capture fans’ attention this week.

On the June 3 edition of the long-running quiz show, contestant Julia Markham Cameron, an attorney from Brooklyn, New York, stole the spotlight due to her animated reactions to not just the questions but her own answers. Cameron’s facial expressions were so enthusiastic that even Bialik herself couldn’t hold in her laughter.

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Viewers took to social media to express their adoration or annoyance for Cameron and her spirited reactions. One user wrote, “I won’t lie, I was a bit mesmerized with Julia’s WTF expressions.” Another added, “I’m loving Julia’s chaotic energy, every time they hit the wide shot I can’t look at anyone else but her.”

However, not everyone was on board the love train, with one viewer referring to Cameron as “the most annoying contestant ever” and another writing, “I do not care for Julia on Jeopardy tonight at all. I hate all the little asides and extra comments.”

The haters might have to put up with the quirky contestant for a while longer, however, as Cameron got off to a strong start, winning Thursday’s show with a total of $16,450. “Julia’s demeanor says, “How can it even be possible that my responses are right?” but her score going into Final #Jeopardy tells a different story,” wrote one Twitter user. “Wow. That was a great performance.”

Earlier in the week, viewers complimented Bialik’s hosting abilities, and the Big Bang Theory star herself appeared happy with her performance. “It was very surreal to see myself there,” she explained in a Twitter video. “I don’t know if I’ll get to watch every night, but I will say, it’s the only thing I’ve ever enjoyed watching myself in, mostly because I’m barely on camera.”

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