‘Big Shot’ Sneak Peek: Principal Thomas Plays a Guessing Game With Coach Korn (VIDEO)

It seems like Principal Sherilyn Thomas (Yvette Nicole Brown) is giving Coach Marvyn Korn (John Stamos) the run around in a brand new episode of Disney+’s Big Shot.

In an exclusive sneak peek clip from the upcoming installment, “Everything to Me,” Sherylin puts Coach Korn to the test, asking him to explain why she’s upset. “Can you guess why I’m so angry at you?” she asks as he enters her office in the clip, above.

“Uh… Cause you have anger issues,” he answers. Whether the response is meant to be ironic or not isn’t clear, but considering that an on-court meltdown with his college team led him to the all-girls high school he’s currently working at, means he knows a thing or two about anger issues.

Sherylin refutes this answer, telling the coach when it comes to anger issues she has them “only around you.” Without a successful answer, the coach continues to offer guesses, wondering aloud if it has anything to do with a recent party thrown by his daughter Emma (Sophia Mitri Schloss). “Look, don’t worry about it, I’ve grounded her,” he tells Sherylin.

Big Shot John Stamos Disney+

(Credit: Disney+)

But alas, that’s not the issue either. Despite the principal’s tough exterior, the reason behind her anger at Coach Korn is much more personal than any of these superficial guesses. See how their back-and-forth banter leads to a more serious confrontation about Coach Korn’s future at the Westbrook School for Girls. And don’t miss the full episode when it arrives on Disney+.

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