‘Mosquito Coast’ Finale: Dina Has a Heated Exchange With Allie in a Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

The Mosquito Coast is reaching its season end and with it, the first chapter of the Fox family’s story as the original series was recently renewed by Apple TV+.

In an exclusive sneak peek clip from the finale episode arriving Friday, June 4, tensions are coming to a boil for Dina (Logan Polish) who is giving dad Allie (Justin Theroux) a piece of her mind. It would seem that the family’s “adventure” in Mexico has taken its toll as Dina’s eyes fill with tears.

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Justin Theroux & Melissa George Are Radicals on the Run in 'The Mosquito Coast' (VIDEO)

'Each episode [reveals more] about why the Foxes are on the run,' teases George of the Apple TV+ series.

“What’s wrong?” Allie asks innocently, wondering what could make his daughter so visibly upset as he and the rest of the family sit around a fire on the beach.

“What’s wrong?!” she parrots sarcastically. “Do you ever think about us? About what we might want?” Dina adds more seriously.

The questions open up the floor for a contentious discussion as Allie responds, “Jesus, of course. You’re all I think about.”

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“Sure, as long as we’re telling you that you’re the smartest person in the whole entire universe every five minutes,” she quips. At the root of her upset is the fact that her parents have taken her on the run without considering how she and her brother might feel.

Allie claims that Dina and her brother Charlie (Gabriel Bateman) are better off with him and their mother Margot (Melissa George), but can he make his daughter believe it? She seems pretty unconvinced. See the drama unfold in the clip above, and don’t miss the Season 1 finale of The Mosquito Coast when it drops on Apple TV+.

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