Justin Theroux & Melissa George Are Radicals on the Run in ‘The Mosquito Coast’ (VIDEO)

Crazy like the Foxes! Justin Theroux plays genius inventor and radical idealist Allie Fox in Apple TV+ adventure drama, The Mosquito Coast, based on the bestselling 1981 novel by his uncle, Paul Theroux. In the seven-episode series, Allie and wife Margot, a librarian, played by Melissa George, uproot their two kids and go on the run from the US government to Mexico. The reason for their flight is slowly revealed, but right away we see Allie’s brilliance, mesmerizing personality, and dissatisfaction with the American Dream.

“He’s forced his family to live off the grid. They’re homeschooled. No TV, no movies, no pop culture,” Theroux tells us in this interview. “It’s all about control for him.”

The children, rebellious teen daughter Dina (Logan Polish) and her sensitive younger brother Charlie (Gabriel Bateman), feel different degrees of loyalty to their dad. They don’t know the deep secrets his parents keep about why they have to flee.

“Margot is very protective of her children,” George says. “Each episode [reveals more] about why the Foxes are on the run.”

Theroux and George talk about what they love about their characters, how desperate things get for the family, and George tells us about an action scene that made her say of Margot, “What a woman!”

The Mosquito Coast, 2-Episode Premiere, Friday, April 30, Apple TV+