Rob Riggle Promises ‘More Intense’ Courses on ‘Holey Moley 3D in 2D’

Holey Moley Rob Riggle
ABC/Christopher Willard

Breaking news from the world of extreme mini golf: Uranus, voted fan-favorite hole on the competition series Holey Moley‘s outrageous course, will not return this summer. Here, commentator Rob Riggle (above, with Joe Tessitore), gives us three reasons to keep watching. Full Mooney, a new spacewalk-themed hole, is a given.

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1. Double Dutch Courage is back…and ablaze!

Golfers will still dart through two supersized windmills, trying to avoid the spinning blades that could launch them into the water below. But this crowd-pleaser gets a Season 3 upgrade: “We got it on fire,” Riggle says. “We found a way to make it more intense.” Enjoy the flames here; the popular Dragon’s Breath has also been retired.

2. There are 11 new holes.

Producers predict Holey Matrimony (picture face-plants into a giant rotating ring) will become a classic. Riggle is partial to Cornhole. After putting, golfers make a mad dash past a massive ear of corn with kernels that are about to pop. The explosive surprise is “definitely going to be very fun for the viewers, not necessarily for the competitors,” says Riggle.

Holey Moley season 3 ABC

(Credit: ABC/Christopher Willard)

3. More celebrity guests swing by.

“We had some that you really wouldn’t expect,” Riggle teases. Does Brad Pitt finally make an appearance? “It’s so weird. He’s not responding to my messages. He must’ve changed numbers.”

Holey Moley 3D in 2D, Season Premiere, Thursday, June 17, 9/8c, ABC