Make It a Game (Show) Night With ‘Holey Moley,’ ‘Press Your Luck’ & More on Hulu

ABC/Eric McCandless
Press Your Luck

Looking for some family-friendly fare with a competitive side to it? Look no further than ABC‘s hit game shows which are streaming now on Hulu. We round up a few favorites, below.

Holey Moley

Putt-putt gets competitive on this tongue-in-cheek challenge as contestants play mini-golf on souped-up courses you won’t find at your local hangout. Comedian Rob Riggle offers commentary on the action. Seasons 1–3 available

Holey Moley ABC

Holey Moley (Credit: ABC/Christopher Willard)

Match Game

Celebrity panelists jot down answers to fill-in-the-blank questions (“Dumb Derek is so dumb, when his wife said she’d like some role-playing in the bedroom, he walked in there with…”) while players try to guess what the stars wrote. It gets raunchy fast! Seasons 1–5 available

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Press Your Luck

Jeopardy! this is not. On the reboot of the 1980s staple, players answer relatively easy trivia questions, which earn them “spins” on a light-up board with squares featuring cash, prizes…or “Whammies,” little red cartoons that take away the cash and prizes contestants banked. Seasons 1–3 available