Make It a Game (Show) Night With ‘Holey Moley,’ ‘Press Your Luck’ & More on Hulu

Press Your Luck - Elizabeth Banks
ABC/Eric McCandless
Press Your Luck

Looking for some family-friendly fare with a competitive side to it? Look no further than ABC‘s hit game shows which are streaming now on Hulu. We round up a few favorites, below.

Holey Moley

Putt-putt gets competitive on this tongue-in-cheek challenge as contestants play mini-golf on souped-up courses you won’t find at your local hangout. Comedian Rob Riggle offers commentary on the action. Seasons 1–3 available

Holey Moley ABC

Holey Moley (Credit: ABC/Christopher Willard)

Match Game

Celebrity panelists jot down answers to fill-in-the-blank questions (“Dumb Derek is so dumb, when his wife said she’d like some role-playing in the bedroom, he walked in there with…”) while players try to guess what the stars wrote. It gets raunchy fast! Seasons 1–5 available

Press Your Luck

Jeopardy! this is not. On the reboot of the 1980s staple, players answer relatively easy trivia questions, which earn them “spins” on a light-up board with squares featuring cash, prizes…or “Whammies,” little red cartoons that take away the cash and prizes contestants banked. Seasons 1–3 available