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Based on the 1994 big-screen action comedy, an unfulfilled suburban housewife makes the shocking discovery that her seemingly ordinary husband is an international spy.

Matt Roush

Matt Roush says...

Who’s “the weird dude eating tuna fish sandwiches” by his lonesome in the Omega Sector cafeteria? When the nerdy loner befriends spy trainee Helen Tasker (Ginger Gonzaga), she’s shocked to learn this seemingly nice-guy Nathan is actually the feared lone-wolf assassin code-named The Wolf, who admits, “I don’t really feel feelings.” Played with quirky charm by Matthew Lillard (Good Girls) in the best episode to date of the action-comedy remake, Wolf’s bonding with Helen makes husband Harry (Steve Howey) nervous. After they all team up on a mission, Helen has to admit, “He might be a little extra morally complex.” In their world, who isn’t?

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