Why ‘Tournament of Laughs’ Is Worth Your Time

Tournament of Laughs Why Watch TBS Competition

For entertainment lovers who are fans of both comedies and game shows, this one’s for you.

Every Sunday at 10/9c, Jason Sudeikis sits behind a desk to host the hilarious bracket-style tournament featuring some of the most well-known comedians in the industry on TBS’s Tournament of Laughs. Participants create self-filmed, self-produced clips of a comedic bit of their choice, which then goes head-to-head with another participant’s clip.

'Tournament of Laughs': Jason Sudeikis Hosts TBS' New Comedy Competition (VIDEO)See Also

'Tournament of Laughs': Jason Sudeikis Hosts TBS' New Comedy Competition (VIDEO)

The comics will create, produce, and star in their own videos to out-funny one another with the home audience deciding who moves forward.

With 32 comedians in the mix, viewers are guaranteed to see all types of content: stand-up sets, song parodies, and more. With that wide variety, there is no reason that all comedy-lovers shouldn’t give this show a shot.

Scroll down for seven reasons why Tournament of Laughs is worth your time.

Tournament of Laughs, Sundays, 10/9c, TBS

Tournament of Laughs, Margaret Cho

All Kinds of Comedy

We see it all in the first episode. Gilbert Gottfried served a hilarious character bit with his two kids, Josh Wolf sang about the unpleasantries of parenthood, and Jessica Kirson brought out the slapstick comedy as she made a prank call pretending to be a young girl who stole her mother’s phone. When it comes to comedy, everybody has their own cup of tea. With the diverse inclusion of varied content and stars, almost every viewer is guaranteed a laugh.

Tournament of Laughs, Josh Wolf

The First Game Show of Its Kind

Where else have audiences been able to watch their favorite comedians go head-to-head? It’s almost as if Saturday Night Live became a contest. The most interesting factor of the bracket-style tournament is it will be clear to see which type of comedy prevails in the end and what comedy lovers like to see most on their television screens.

Tournament of Laughs, Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis Nails Hosting

No one ever sees Jason Sudeikis in a suit behind a desk. He now puts the single adult or burnt-out dad role to the side and turns on his professional hosting voice. However, he still puts in work to make sure the audience knows he’s the same old Jason Sudeikis, such as incorporating footage of him biting his nails after making his announcement.

Tournament of Laughs, Jessica Kirson

Perfect for Viewers with Short Attention Spans

Each clip is about two minutes long, which makes it super easy to follow. While each episode is 45 minutes, audiences don’t have to focus for that long. It’s the perfect show to have running in the background while preparing dinner or organizing the house. Plus, it’s easy to skip around to your favorite comedians to just watch their clips.

Tournament of Laughs, Michael Rapaport

The Cast Is Incredible

The bracket for the tournament consists of some of the most highly regarded actors and comedians in the game. Margaret Cho, Jeff Ross, Jim Norton, Michael Rapaport, and Judah Friedlander are only a few of the notable stars competing. It’s great to see some favorite familiar faces during this time when it seems that the world of entertainment has been a bit more quiet than usual.

Tournament of Laughs, Preacher Lawson

An Inside Look at Celebrities' Quarantine Lives

It’s rare that actors are given a camera and told to make a clip about whatever they want. So, in addition to seeing inside their homes, we get to see inside their brains. It truly reveals what each participant considers to be h strong suit when it comes to comedy and performing.

Tournament of Laughs, Bracket

You Get to Be a Part of It!

It’s up to the audience which comedians proceed to the next branch of the bracket. At 10 p.m. ET every Sunday, voting opens up online, allowing those at home to root for their favorite bits. You get to help decide the winner of the tournament. Tune in every Sunday to see who has made it through to the next round and to vote for who you would like to return again.