9 Characters Who Deserve a ‘Walking Dead’ Spinoff (PHOTOS)

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The comics did it with the “Here’s Negan” installments, but we have yet to see the larger mythology of the show’s most iconic villain explored on-screen. One route AMC could take with current characters would be to adapt the prequel comics explaining Negan’s history in a limited series or even a movie, showing how he ended up with his beloved Lucille, his first interactions with Dwight (where did he go, anyway?) and how he came to lead the Saviors.

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Victor Strand

While the backstories of characters on the main show are largely explained and closed for further elaboration, many of the characters on Fear are more of a mystery. Strand was an intriguing character from the get-go, with his history as a con man and his boat, the Abigail. While his story might be more of a business drama than a survival story, it might be fun to see how Strand used his wits and manipulative abilities to survive when the world first started to turn.

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Other than a few flashbacks in Season 4’s “After,” Michonne’s backstory has gone largely unexplored — which is strange, considering Danai Gurira is now one of the only cast members still around from the first few seasons. It could be interesting to see how she became so skilled with a katana, the fall of her camp and Andre’s death and the time she spent with Andrea (which would provide an avenue for Laurie Holden to come back, if she so chose).

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Fear’s Missing Years

If AMC greenlighted this, Fear fans would likely jump for joy. Many were upset with how breezily the show attempted to explain away the complicated Season 3 ending, which left Madison separated from her kids and several key characters missing or presumed dead. Delving into what happened between the dam and the stadium wouldn’t just tie up still-dangling loose ends and help explain odd character changes (why was Nick so afraid of walkers all of a sudden?); it would give screentime to departed fan-favorite characters like Nick and Madison, not to mention the oddly-absent Daniel Salazar.

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Glenn Rhee

The pizza boy with a heart of gold. Though he’s been absent for the past two seasons, fans still miss Glenn Rhee; many probably thought he might resurface for Rick’s last episode. What if AMC is saving Glenn’s next appearance for something truly special? Though Glenn was a major character through the show’s first six seasons, his backstory went by way of Michonne’s, but Glenn had even less — a couple lines here and there, mostly. Seeing Glenn again would warm fans’ hearts, and a standalone episode or even a movie would give him the attention the show never gave him.

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The Otto Family

Probably not too likely of a spinoff, but it could work as a digital series or even a standalone “prequel” episode. One of the most interesting locations either show featured was Fear’s cultish Brokejaw Ranch, which suffered from its lead family’s strained relationships, racism and tendencies to use violence to get what they wanted. The Otto family was always up to something, and their wildly differing personalities and survival philosophies made them fun to watch (even if the less-than-stable Troy was the fictional character equivalent of a shaken soda can).

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Where did he run off to? Last we saw Negan’s former right-hand man turned turncoat, he had been exiled from the larger Alexandria community and left to go find his wife, Sherry. Since then, he’s been mysteriously absent; something of a Schrödinger’s Dwight, considering the show won’t even speculate on his fate. The reason for his absence might soon become clear if AMC soon announces a spinoff or limited series with him, which could show him searching for his wife.

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How did Al get that tank? What is The Bog, and how did it connect to her past? Granted, these questions could soon be answered in Fear’s fifth season, but if not, a prequel with the determined journalist could make for a compelling story…and we all know how much Al loves stories.

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Daryl and Merle Dixon

In all honesty, this is probably the route any hypothetical prequels would go (which would be fine, if AMC could get Michael Rooker back to play Merle). A prequel about the younger Dixon siblings could be compelling enough if it were made about the misadventures of the wayward duo before the zombie apocalypse hit, or how they ended up at the camp outside Atlanta in the first place.

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After Sunday’s farewell to Rick Grimes, it became abundantly clear that The Walking Dead‘s world was about to expand into a “Walking Dead Cinematic Universe.”

Chief content officer Scott Gimple told The Hollywood Reporter that old fan-favorite characters might show up again and more specials, digital content or new series are all possibilities.

With that exciting news, we thought we’d speculate as to which characters from The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead are due for some time in the spotlight. Click through our gallery to see which current (and former) favorites we chose!

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