What to Expect From ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10B, Based on the Comics (PHOTOS)

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The Walking Dead Season 10B Spoilers
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Daryl movie rumors

This is another big announcement AMC might pull out of its hat, in the absence of filmed footage or trailers to share. A few months ago, there were rumblings that Daryl (Norman Reedus) might be getting a spin-off flick of his own. Those rumors were neither confirmed nor denied, but it makes sense that he might get a movie — after all, he’s one of the series’ most popular characters. By confirming Daryl movies are in the works, AMC would give fans something to look forward to at a time when there isn’t much televised Walking Dead to go around.

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Off With Her Head!

Comics fans have been waiting for this moment since the beginning of Season 10, and it seems sometime in the next seven episodes, they’ll finally get it. In the comics, after gaining her trust, Negan beheads Alpha and brings her head to Rick. Who’ll he deliver her head to on the show, in Rick’s absence? Daryl and/or Carol, most likely.

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Beta’s Invasion

In the aftermath of Alpha’s death, Beta unleashes the walker horde on Alexandria. His march to war and attack leads to the deaths of several main characters, and eventually ends in his death.

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Eugene’s New Friend

If TWD follows the comics, Eugene’s new potential sweetheart is named Stephanie. Their conversations lead a small group (Eugene included) to The Commonwealth, which is the next huge community the group encounters. And by huge, we mean huge: they have thousands of people living within their walls.

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A Real Princess

On the way to The Commonwealth, a group composed of Michonne, Siddiq, Magna and Yumiko runs into eccentric loner Juanita Sanchez, who’s better known by her nickname: Princess. She’s controversial to comics fans, with some enjoying her character and some finding her irksome. Supposedly she’ll be showing up this season, since Paola Lazaro was cast in the role. It’s also worth noting that the group composition will have to change for the show, since Siddiq is dead — a few images from trailers and promotional material make it appear as though the show group will have Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt).

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Gabriel’s Demise?

TWD doesn’t always follow the comics, especially when it comes to character deaths. That said, if the show adheres to the source material, one grisly death is certainly coming. In it, Gabriel dies after falling down the ladder on a water tower; he’s still alive at that point, but Beta then comes along and guts him.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 10
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A Huge, Heartbreaking Death

As sad as it would be to lose Gabriel, this tragic comics moment looms large over the rest of Season 10. As fans of the source material know, Andrea and Rick — rather than Rick and Michonne — were a thing in the comics. They were close enough that Carl called her “mom,” and they considered themselves married. Then, during Beta’s attack, tragedy struck when Andrea was bitten on her neck. Her death itself was peaceful, and she got to say goodbye to everyone she loved.

Many assume Andrea’s death equates to Carl’s death on the show, so the television program might not even go there. But with the finale being titled “A Certain Doom,” the same name as the issue in which she died, it’s definitely possible heartbreak is coming.

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[WARNING: Potential spoilers for Season 10 of The Walking Dead, and the series’ source material, follow.]

As always, fans of the source material for The Walking Dead are closely watching — and waiting — for certain moments to translate from comic to screen. Sometimes this happens. Sometimes it doesn’t. But in the second half of Season 10, we’re pretty sure there are plenty of iconic moments the show is likely to adapt… and even some totally heartbreaking ones.

Click through the gallery above to see what the comics can tell us about what’s to come for the second half of the season.

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