11 Questions We Need Answered in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 (PHOTOS)

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Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix
Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

So… are they all kids now?

It sure seems like they might be. Based on the finale’s final moments, Number Five’s powers transformed the entire group back into their younger selves and whooshed them away to a point in time when the world wasn’t ending (thanks, Five!). Even Ben, who is supposedly dead, was changed into his Academy-era self.

This begs the question: how will the show proceed with Season 2? Fans have really bonded to the adult actors, and having a whole season with child actors would be tricky if not impossible. It’s probable there might be an episode or two of them as their younger selves, but… will they stay that way for a whole season?

Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

What happened to the other super-powered kids?

The first episode of the series made it clear that there were 43 kids born under mysterious circumstances. If Reginald Hargreeves only managed to adopt seven of them, what happened to the rest? Did they all have powers just like The Umbrella Academy does? When Reginald gave his speech outside the bank, he referred to his kids as the “inaugural class” of the Academy. Were there going to be more following them?

It’d be cool to see Season 2 explore the mythology of The Umbrella Academy. There are plenty of questions surrounding the siblings’ existence and their as-of-yet unnamed brethren, and while the siblings will probably still be trying to stop the end of the world, there could be an intriguing story to be found in piecing together their shared past.

Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

Does Diego have any additional abilities?

Of the seven Hargreeves siblings, Diego might be the most “normal.” Much like Black Widow and Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Diego’s ability is something a highly skilled “human” could do; his powers don’t draw from the supernatural, mad science or extrasensory perception.

In some ways, it’d be neat if that’s the sum of Diego’s abilities. Not all the siblings need to have powers that transcend reality, and he’s definitely great at using the powers he has. But with Klaus and Vanya just starting to explore what they can do, it wouldn’t be impossible for Diego to realize he, too, has untapped potential.

Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

What are the limits to Klaus’ powers?

One of the most interesting developments in the finale was that of Klaus using his powers to take down the assembled masked baddies in the concert hall. Combining his dead-communicating abilities with Ben’s monster-transforming abilities, Klaus and his brother saved the day — and for a brief moment, it seemed the siblings could even see Ben.

Taking that into consideration, it appears Klaus is a lot more powerful than fans realized. His abilities don’t stop at conversing with the dead, and he might even have the power to bring them back to life. Time — and Season 2, hopefully — will show just how far Klaus’ powers can go.

Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

How do Allison’s powers work?

Allison’s ability is one of the most interesting of the Hargreeves siblings, and one of the most morally complex. Whether or not she had any right to use her powers in the way she did is debatable, but how does her ability really work?

The show didn’t fully address how her “rumor” power affects people, or how long those effects last. They were clearly effective on Vanya for years, and depending on whether “I heard a rumor you love me” was said to her ex-husband, it lasted a fair stretch of time for him, too. But do her powers wear off? How is the spell broken?

Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

Will we learn more about Klaus and Dave?

Fans loved the pairing of Klaus and Dave (#Klave) that emerged from Klaus’ time in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, theirs was a love story that ended too soon — Dave died on the battlefield and Klaus returned to his timeline utterly heartbroken. There were quite a few things we never got to see from them, since the show really only revealed how they met, a kiss that was likely their first, and Dave’s tragic death.

But Klave’s story doesn’t have to end there! If Klaus is getting a better handle on his powers, it could mean he can talk to Dave on a regular basis… or even raise him from the dead. With that in mind, there’s plenty of potential for Klaus and Dave’s romance to continue in Season 2.

Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

What will Vanya’s relationship with her family be like?

While the big cliffhanger was undoubtedly the fate of the six siblings, there’s a smaller cliffhanger in play, too. When Vanya went through the portal Five created, she was unconscious; she hasn’t had a conversation with her family since she wrecked the Academy and killed Pogo and Grace.

Whether or not Vanya was in full control of herself when she committed those acts is certainly debatable, but her actions could cause somewhat of a divide among the Hargreeves siblings (especially Luther, who wanted to leave her as the apocalypse hit). Most of them were willing to let her out of her cell and help her understand her power, but have her actions after breaking free changed their minds?

Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

What happened to Hazel and Cha-Cha?

Hopefully we don’t see much of Hazel next season because he’s gotten his happy ending! Cha-Cha, on the other hand, could turn up again, and if she was angry with Hazel before she’ll be infuriated with him now.

Season 2 could very well see their feud escalate into an all-out war, especially if Cha-Cha goes back to The Commission and tells them what Hazel did. It’s possible we could see Hazel allying with the Hargreeves gang to protect himself.

Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

How did Ben die (and can Klaus resurrect him)?

Ben’s death was one of the biggest mysteries of the first season, and although no answers were offered in the first ten episodes, it’s not impossible that some conclusions will be reached in the second installment. Other than Klaus’ references to his death being “horrible” and “at a young age,” we don’t know much about the circumstances under which Ben Hargreeves lost his life. Hopefully, Season 2 will show exactly what happened to “Number Six.”

Other questions follow that one; namely, can Klaus fully resurrect Ben? And on the subject of their relationship, why does Ben appear to him? Did Klaus conjure him, or did he haunt Klaus and refuse to leave? We definitely need more Ben — and more Ben backstory — in Season 2.

Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

Where will the team end up — and where will they stay?

Other than their ages, this is probably the biggest question heading into Season 2. Five wasn’t even sure he could use his powers to transport his siblings: did he have a destination in mind when he got them out of the crumbling concert hall, or was his goal just to get them away from there? It seems likely the gang will end up in the past, considering Five’s already been to the future and there’s nothing to be found there.

Next, where will the group choose to remain? Season 2 could, in theory, take them all over in space and time if they’re still trying to prevent the apocalypse and stay away from The Commission. They’ll have to find a permanent home at some point, though, and it’ll be interesting to see where — and when — that’ll be.

Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

Is The Commission still a thing?

The Handler is very, very much dead (at least it seems), but what about the rest of her organization? Five didn’t take them all down when he left the past to go back to the present in hopes of saving the world. It’s at least semi-likely The Commission will appoint a new Handler and get on with their operations.

This then leads into another question: Will the Hargreeves siblings be on the run from The Commission? They clearly made enemies with the powerful corporation, and if they’re still trying to stop the end of the world, it’s probable they won’t be pals. It’ll be interesting to see whether the antagonist for Season 2 is Cha-Cha and someone else, or if the whole of The Commission will be out to get the siblings.

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[Warning: This gallery contains major spoilers for Season 1 of The Umbrella Academy]

Season 1 of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy was a major rollercoaster, but unfortunately for viewers who binge-watched it in only a few days, the series seemed to end mid-ride.

While “The White Violin” was a truly epic conclusion to the family-superhero drama, it perhaps posed more questions than it answered and wrapped up with a gigantic — and perhaps deadly? — cliffhanger. There’s a good reason fans have started asking Netflix about renewing the show for a second season: even though a second batch of episodes hasn’t yet been confirmed, leaving the Hargreeves siblings the way they were left at the end of Season 1 is almost unthinkable.

Should The Umbrella Academy be picked up for a second season, here are 11 questions we’d like the show to answer.

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